Sunday, October 30, 2005

Go Badgers!

Neither Kristy or I had been to a University of Wisconsin football game in the past couple years (we're in Big 12 country now!)...until Saturday! It was a perfect autumn day for football in Champaign, Illinois. Champaign is about three hours from St. Louis, so we decided to head east with another Badger fan (our friend Stacey) and two Illini fans (JC and Jen) to Memorial Stadium. It was an odd site...we were used to sold-out games at Camp Randall in Madison; here, we were GIVEN 5 FREE tickets into the game! No joke - people were handing us $37 tickets. I think they couldn't stand to see the massacre, so they gave tickets out before the game even started. The game was more competitive than we thought...but in the end, the Badgers prevailed and remained atop the Big 10. The real test will come next weekend at Penn State...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Anyone up for some pumpkin cheesecake?

Well if you are, you need to head to the Peterson's house. Yet, by that time, Ryan may have eaten the whole thing. (I had to hind the Halloween candy from my kid of a's a little harder to hide cheesecake). Anyways, I am on this Fall cooking kick. Yep, the chili will be stewing this weekend, the pumpkin seed roasting and the chex-mix will be enjoyed while we are at the Wisconsin vs Illinois Football game. So indeed, we are enjoying autumn in St. Louis. Get this - we brewed our first pot of coffee, just like Starbucks! (we had to add a little Baileys to make it taste better!)

On a very different note, I am watching ER...good stuff, yet it's very interesting how death is portrayed. It's like at one mintue they are alive and talking and then next minute they aren't. Now, keep in mind, this is coming from a Hospice Nurse who has been at the bedside of many deaths. I won't go into detail (honestly it's not a bad thing, I just now that it is a sensitive subject) yet, it just isn't like that. Ok, I am done. Well, maybe not...Aimee Cima knows that we can talk medical all day long, but honestly, I am always up for a talk or to spread some of my hospice knowledge. Can you believe that I wrote more about death than fall...obviously it's on my mind. Grandma Zeman passed 7 years, I can't believe it. And please keep Jenni and Chris in your prayers for Chris' Grandfather who passed. It's a blessing to know God's promise of everlasting life. Aren't I a good vicars wife?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What do you write on your first post of your first day of your first blog? Not too sure...but we'll try anyways! Maybe it would be appropriate to thank all those friends who have blogged before us: Jamie, Tami, the Wests, and so many others. Maybe we should just jump into the recent events of our life in St. Louis. Or maybe we should leave it here and learn more about blogging so we can share pictures and more insightful thoughts in the coming days. Good idea...