Monday, March 04, 2013

Review of BOYS NIGHT

Ryan took the boys are an evening out to see cool boy things.  It had it's challenges...hard to find parking, Andrew crying because having to go to the bathroom SO bad, having to wait in line (outside) for "2 hours" says my 5 year old and then it being SO busy.  The motocycles were cool, but only for a little.  They said it really wasn't that exciting after the start of the race...then you just watch them go and go and go.  So, yes it was a fun night, but the highlight was that they didn't need to walk to the car that was parked far away Instead Daddy paid for a man buy pull them with his bike!  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Join us for Monster Energy Supercross

It's going to be here soon!  Come join us on March 2 nd at he Edward Jones Dome at 7 pm is going to ROCK!  Here are some details!

Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the world's premier indoor motocross circuit, comprised of 17 races of heart-stopping action in some of the largest venues in North America. Every week, the best riders from across the globe, like two-time champion James Stewart, three-time champion Chad Reed, and two-time defending champion Ryan Dungey, seek to outrace each other on the sport's most challenging courses. Featuring tight corners, fast straightaways, challenging rhythm sections, and vertigo-inducing jumps, these tracks pack excitement into every inch of dirt.

Treadhead seats are still just $10! and you can buy tickets at the following website!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fantastic TIme

The kids LOVED Disney on Ice.  It kept all of their attention even though they were tired.  There was a great variety of movies that were at the show...I of course loved Lion King and Little Mirmaid beause that is what I was raised on. It was amazing how creative the producers were.  I was impressed for sure and you know it takes me a lot to be impressed.  Overall we had a great time.  You should go!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove. Here are the details:
1) Show Title: Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove
2) Dates: September 20-23, 2012 at Chaifetz Arena
3) Tickets start at $13!
1. We also have created a special discount just for you and your friends/family/readers:
2. With code FFA12, your readers can save $5 on select Disney On Ice tickets online at
1. Excludes Thurs. Sept 20th at 7pm (opening night tickets are already $10). Discount valid for all other performances.
2. Valid on $19 and $13 tickets only.

Alyssa 9 months old

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cute words from little people

Andrew said this while holding Alyssa in his arms and Kyle wanting to "cuddle me" too....
  "Kyle, go get your own...I ordered her on-line.  Isn't she cute.  Yeah, you can go to the baby on-line and pick out your own.  She is mine." 

I had a great day with the kids today and I was lying in bed with them told them a story of when Andrew met Kyle and when they met Alyssa.  They wanted to hear the stories over and over.  Then I told them how blessed and lucky I am to be their mommy and how cool it is that I get to stay home with them, but most of all how God gave me Andrew, Kyle and Alyssa for a special reason and I am thankful that God gave me them because some people can't have babies.  Andrew then said...

"Well they can ask God for one.                 pause          "Right mama? How does God give you a baby?" (He was content with the answer of asking God, being married and being in love).

Andrew very talkative when going to bed tonight.  Mommy called him "CURIOUS GEORGE" and he laughed...
"So when I came out of your belly they must of worn gloves becaue they didn't want to get the blood on them, right?"

At dinner the other night Andrew said...

"Do you know what I am most nervous about on my wedding?" (Oh, he talks about marring Katlyn Osbourn all the time but won't even talk to her.  I took him if he wants to marrie her he better start talking to her).  Then he whispers in all of our ears..."the kiss" and then giggles.

Andrew asked...

"So, where do you buy one of those?" (and he pointed at my ring.  We have been talking about wedding rings).   I told him a jewlery store.  He asked how much and then I told him a thousand dollars his eyes got really big and he said "oh" like I can't do that.

Ryan and I have really enjoyed how Andrew is putting the world together and holding conversation.  What a fun age.  But Kyle too is trying to keep up too..........Andrew even grins when Kyle is putting his words together in his cute little voice.

"cuddle me" is his famous night time words. 
"milky, ovaltine" is his milk request.
"sorry mama."  He is very good at saying sorry, but I don't know if he always means it.
"One for Andrew too, mama." If he gets a cookie, he makes sure Andrew does too.
"Share On-drew." Especially if it is one of Andrews cool toys.
"I sit on your lap."  Mamas boy.
J-E-S-U-S song.  Andrew says, Kyle is smarter than me, how come I don't know how to spell Jesus.
"Mickey mouse club house." and "Hot diggidy dog"

Daily Scenerio

Kyle takes something cool of Andrews,
Instead of Andrew asking for it back, Andrew grabs it out of Kyle's hand.
Kyle hits Andrew and Andrew hits back.
(they really hit like boys)
Sometimes Kyle cries, but most often they would just continue to tackle eachother
if one of us were not there to stop the fight.
The hard thing is....they are both in the wrong. I have been trying to teach Andrew to use his words
and not just take it. We have been role playing...helping some. Andrew took a one hour nap and was
a different boy is amazing how sleep can really affect the kids.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I Love My Family

I love my family! It sounds so silly to have to say, because don't most people love their families. But today, God has made me more grateful for them. I have made a conscious effort to "take in" and pause during special moments; to look into their eyes when they talk (isn't it amazing how their brain is growing and how they are trying to communicate with us); to spend quality time with each one of my children; to smile at them more and to tell them how much I love them. I have this inner peace today that is overflowing with love for them. Sure, we have some hard moments, but really, are they really that bad? Sure, I cuddled with Kyle tonight when he said "cuddle me mama." Why not?! One day he won't want me to cuddle with him. I looked at every little feature of Alyssa today and pinched her little legs and best of all rubbed noses with her which makes her coo. How could God give and trust us with such a beautiful little one to raise?! And that big boy Andrew...we road the bike together today (his bike is connected to mine)....I listened to his stories and how he is trying to be so big and learn about the world. I hugged him and told him how special he is to me. He kissed me tonight, smirked and went to bed knowing that he is not only loved by Ryan and I, but most of all God. And my biggest boy Ryan...:) We lived life together today and it was good. It was his off day. We didn't go anywhere today, but it was a day together. Sure we worked some, but we also enjoyed dinner on the deck, watching the kids play, talking about what the future brings...just being each others special one in which I love doing life with! I don't know prompted me to write this tonight, but as I write all are sleeping. I am overwhelmed on how blessed we are even though I complain about having too small of a house, not enough time and in need of more sleep. God is good and I continue to be amazed on how He works in our lives.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Alyssa 3 months old


I know my postings are not in order but these pictures turned out so cute at 3 months.  I love taking pictures and she is too cute not too. She is 4 months now and growing so fast.  People say that by the 3rd child you don't take as many pictures, well I am here to say that my little princess is getting plenty of pictures taken of her by her mama! I just can't resist.  Plus, she is my only little girl.  We love you Sunshine!
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