Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kyle is 6 Months Old

I totally relived the labor and birth of Kyle on his 6 months birthday. I even called my doula to remince about it because it was so awesome. More awesome is the birth of Kyle. He is a true blessing in our lives and we love him so much. He has obviously changed incredible and starting to reveil a little quiet natured personality. In the past 6 months there has been a handful of times when I am all alone and it hits me that I am the mom of 2 beautiful boys. Am I qualified? Of course I am...with the help of God. Am I old enough? Well, I aint that younge anymore, so I quess so. I continue to pray for wisdom. I pray for Kyles spiritual growth. I pray for his health. I pray for his future. I pray for his wife (it is never too early to start). I will all honor and glory to GOD, for this little boy.

As a family we went out to the buffet we went to the day my water broke (the week before) and on the 6 month birthday we got his pictures taken (had a hard time getting him to smile but we finally got it). It was Thursday so daddy had the day off, so then did lunch at West County mall, home for naps and then to Arch Madness basketball game. Andrew also wanted to make him cupcakes for his special day. Kyle didn't eat, but we did. Kyle ate for the first time though(rice cereal)on his day.

Report from MD:
Referal to opthomologist--Right eye crossed at times
Referal to urologist--if you are a good friend, you know why.
Has exema--perscription medication
Received shots---split up shots so not all in one day (to help the liver)
Says waking up at 4 am in the past couple days is probably because of growth spurt that happens at 6 months.

Wt: 18 lb 4.8 oz (66%...% lower than his 4 month appointment)
Height: 27.36 (82%...who's his daddy? Ha, ha!)
Head Cir: 43.7 (49%)

Kyle has NOT rolled yet (I am not pushing it) and has no teeth---both will come say MD. Kyle is right on tract with everything else--sitting up (just started to do pretty well now), transfering toys, giggling, shaking rattle, etc. So fun to play with now and he LOVES watching Andrew more than any of us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Andrew, You Say Funny Things

We were at Ash Wednesday service and he says out loud so all the people in the pew around us hear him "Mommy wake up. Why are you sleeping?" Well, I wasn't sleeping, I was praying. Haa, Haa

We were driving last night and saw the moon. Andrew said "Mommy drive faster." Why? I asked. "The moon is following us. Hurry. Hurry."

You have to love the innocence of a 2 year old.