Friday, February 27, 2009

Better late than never...Andrew is 18 MONTHS!!

For his 1/2 birthday I made him a dog pillow. It was my first project on the sewing machine and he loves it. He loves was his first word...but now doesn't say it.

Famous words: Ut-Oh, Bye-bye, An-drew, Me, mine,

Unique to Andrew: *(Rubs the face of who ever is holding him while he drinks his
milk(or finds someones to rub)
*Obsessed with washing hands and putting lotion on face
*Rubs the top of Grandpa's and Dad's head/hair or lack of it.
*Jumps from a box to the floor (and jumps in place)--very early to
do this.
*Pats the spot next to him where he wants you to sit.
*Likes things in order and in their right place--if a cherrio falls
out of his bowl he immediately puts it back into the bowl. Or all
farm animals have to be together compared to the Noah's Arch
*Say "beep" and pushes a mole on your body (loves the one on my
*Doesn't sit still, even at church (goes to the nursery). Doesn't
have much interest in the T.V. but loves the remote.
*Hasn't used a pacifier since month 3 (?)
*Takes your finger and takes you to what he want you to see or do.
Favorite play items this month:
*T.V. Remote (we are on the 2nd one) and our cell phones
(both items are taboo).
*Noah's Arch and all the animals
*The play castel with King and Queen
*A baby doll or any beanny baby. And his Dog Max
*The farm tractor and animals
*Book and Tape (CD)--The Lady with the Alligator Purse, Miss Mary
Mak and Skip to my Lue.
*Boxes to jump off.
*Anything to climb on.
*My Leap Pad, Leap Frog book (Many books and pictures make sounds
when you touch.

Can Do............*Walk up stairs holding the railing
*Runs in circles
*Sit and Read a book for 10 minutes on lap
Favorite songs that he signs for you to sing more...
*The Ittsey Bittsey Spider
*If you are Happy and You Know it
*Tick, Tock, I'm a little Coocko Clock
*Head, Shoulders, Kness and Toes
*Ring Around the Rosey
Bed Time..........9:30 or 10:00pm(yikes)until 7 am when he comes and drinks his milk
and cuddles in bed with Mommy (Daddy too on Thur. and Sat.)
*He reads a book in bed until he is tired and then falls asleep
*Rough month with teething, so up in middle of the night a times
(getting 4 of his K9 teeth)-during the day has his whole hand in
his mouth and been sucking on toothbrushes and pacifiers (never
used before but feels good on sore gums). Tylenol and Nummies.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally...From old to new

Ryan and I have been talking about redoing our bedroom for at least 9 months. And finally we got to it. We picked out a new spread on Thursday, got paint ideas on Friday and started and completed the job on Saturday. Oh, what a day! And we now are relaxing in our new room and we are loving it. I hope this encourages you to redo your bedroom...why is it that marriage is so important, but it is the last room in our house to be redone (Well, the 2 bathrooms haven't been done yet, but otherwise, every room in our house has been repainted since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago).

Friday, February 20, 2009


Well not yet, but we are anticipating them!

Ryan's sister Erica is due in July and just found out they are having a BOY! Yeah for them. Boys are great, although I am a little bias. This will be their first child and we are very excited for them.

Also, my sister Tricia is pregnant!! Yippy because our babies due dates are only 5 days apart. It will be so fun to have kids the same age again (Amber and Andrew are one month apart). Hope you are feeling better Tricia.

I have been very lucky and havn't had any morning sickness. If Andrew awakens at night I feel a little nausious but I eat something and I am fine. I have had enough troubles though with the fractured foot, another cold sore, a yeast infection, and almost stiches to my thumb. I think I should go in hiding until this baby is due...ha, ha.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love at first Sight!

"We" or shall I say I had a transvaginal ultrasound at 8 week and all looked good. It was love at first sight. I have to admit it wasn't as romantic as the first time seeing the baby considering we were in a small room, Andrew was screaming while Ryan attempted to hold him, Cherrio's got all over the floor and we were in the room the size of a bathroom. Needless to say, Ryan wasn't able to see a thing during the ultrasound. I guess this is baby #2 and that is just how things go...we had to laugh.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

For all those who do not know....Andrew is going to be a big brother. He is so excited and says Baby all the time. We will share more in the days to come!

By Valentine's evening I was 99% better and Ryan only 60%. We had spaghetti and jello for dinner because that is all our stomaches could handle. We danced with Andrew and even snuck in a slow song with my honey and then we watched a video titled "The story of US" that we created while we were dating. It retold the first 2 weeks of our dating life. Man, we were so giddy and in love! And we still are, it's just that we show it in different ways!

"Cheers" to 7-up

We were suppose to go out for a romantic dinner, but instead we spent Friday the
13th in bed and in the bathroom. The flu hit Ryan and I hard!! Yikes, we still aren't recovered. We did toast to a cup of 7-Up and a saltine crackers and we were both relieved that it stayed down. Anita Winter dropped off some needed stuff for us and this is what her note read....Try really hard and use your imagination...

chicken noodle soup........think fillet mignon, baked potato and salad
crackers...................think sour dough rolls
diet 7 up..................think wine
tums.......................think a rich chocolate dessert
movie rental...............think Broadway show

We are thinking and praying for you. Get well soon!

We are so thankful for the above items and for those of you care for Andrew while we were out for the count. He spent Friday morning with the Grifiths and to a Valentine's Party, the afternoon with the Molenoffs and then spent the night and part of Sat. with the Winters. I haven't worried about him one bit, knowing he is having a lot more fun than if he was home with his sick Mama and Dada. Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Museum of Transportation

A fun filled family day! Andrew now loves trains and when asked what sound a train makes he says "do', do'." Too cute!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Yes, I fractured my foot!

But the story isn't any fun. I wasn't doing anything fun like skiing, or playing baseketball....I simply fell. Well, there is a little more to the story than that...After the Family Live Service Andrew was so hyper and we were exhausted! So we all layed on the couch around 10 pm. I had my feet on Ryan's lap because he was giving me a foot massage. We all finally fell asleep and around 11pm or so I knew it was late. In the back of my head I knew I should go put Andrew to sleep in his bed (he was sleeping on my chest), I think I was half sleeping when his all happened so don't laugh... I got up and took 3 steps, not realizing my feet has fallen asleep and down I went...with sleeping Andrew in my arms...yikes....good news he kept sleeping even through my screaming.

Gosh, I have never broke anything....even through my many years of sports and gosh it hurt. The next day to urgent care which they hardly did anything for me and then to the orthopedic where they said there was a hairline fracture and gave me this walking boot to wear which helped incredibly. I didn't have crutches for the first day so I hopped and crawled around the house, the next few days on crutches and now in the waliking boot...pretty challenging when you have a 18 month old. Needless to say everyone has been so kind. Thank you all for the meals and babysitting Andrew! This helped more than you realize! And that is my story....the end!

Happened Jan 31st...we had a bad January....I think February will be better! :)