Saturday, April 28, 2007

One project after another

Ryan the Landscaper! We spent a beautiful Saturday out in the yard (after a trip to Home Depot to buy the plants). Good thing he used to work for his brother in law, Matt who owns a landscaping business--he really learned a lot from you Matt. You would be proud!

Above: All those pink little flowers came from our tree. They have all blown away now.
To the left is the before picture.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Official!

Ryan received a call to St. John
Lutheran Church...Ellisville MO as the Associate Pastor!

We went to dinner at PF Chang's with Mom and Dad Peterson and Friends from church. Very good! Here is a picture of some of the guys hanging out before service.
The Chapel was crowded and filled with anticipation! The Zeman clan watched the service via the Internet.

More details about CALL DAY

It is a little difficult to read so I will recap where all of our friends will be going.... Kevin and Aldeberan= California. Heather and Eric=Texas. Tom and Tami=Florida. Erin and Brian=Texas. Jamie and Greg=Texas. Krista and Ryan=Nebraska.
Frank and Lee= MO. We are so excited for them all, but will deeply miss them. Most of them will be moving in the beginning of June, which is right around the corner.
Tom, Brian and Ryan all dressed in their clericals...aren't they handsome?
And then us wives: Tami, Erin and Kristy...soon to be pastors wives...yikes!
Mom and Dad Peterson came from Wisconsin to help us celebrate. The day wouldn't have been the same with out them. We are so glad they made the long trip!
Here is Pastor Pete, the "other" associate pastor! We are excited to continue to do ministry with him and Pastor Hower (He was unable to make it because his son was getting married out of town).

Friday, April 20, 2007

Preparing for the baby

Here is the baby room; the ceiling is green and the walls are yellow. We will post more pictures once we get further along.
What stroller? What car seat? No one told us that this was going to be so hard!
We went for dinner and then spent the whole rest of our Friday Night registering at Baby's R Us. One of the ladies who worked there was our personal educator. We spent more than 2 hours with her as she explained pros/cons, safety etc. Don't look at our registery yet..we aren't finished!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just a couple more Easter pictures

Thank you Noah and Annika for the home made placemats that you made for us. We loved them.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Pictures from Easter Weekend

Easter Blessings

The Zeman family came to visit us for Easter weekend (Unfortunately Jenni, Chris, Noah and Annika were not able to make it because they were sick...we missed you). We sure had a full house and unfortunately the weather was frigid so didn't get to spend much time outside.

The extended weekend was packed...Holy week services, Purina Farm, Budweiser Tour, Soulard Market, the Basillica, Cici's lunch, playing darts, dying easter eggs, enjoying a wonderful family Easter brunch, etc. We had a lot of fun and we were exhausted by the time they left.

Pictures of the kitchen thus far

Here is the kitchen before and here is the kitchen half way done!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Progress on our Kitchen Remodeling

It's amazing what 2 men (Ryan and Dad Zeman) can accomplish when I spend 8 hours at work. Ryan and I did all of the preparation work, yet we needed to call in the real handyman from Wisconsin to help us finish. Dad was such a hard worker and we are so appreciative of all he did to help us. We are NOT FINISHED! We still need our new counter tops placed and new light fixtures to be hung, but we sure did make progress. Mom Z. was not feeling well, but helped when she could. They even used their vacation days to come to St. Louis early to help us...what sweethearts. I think we worked them too hard because they ended up getting the flu on the way home.