Saturday, March 24, 2012

You need to GO!

 You still have time!

We had a fantastic time at Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream.  The Princess and the Frog was ok, but Cinderella and Tangled was awesome! The kiddos loved when Mickey Mouse was out on the ice too.  We really enjoyed this show...even more than Toy Story.  Sure, it was about princesses but there was plenty of boy villans, alligators and boy things.  Can't wait until Alyssa is old enough to go and dress up like a princess.  This time the princes in our family went, next time it will be her turn.  What great memories.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alyssa's First Camping

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Alyssa is 4 Months Old

Little Princess, you are 4 months today. You are such a good baby. You sleep anywhere and at any time, cry only if you are hungry/dirty/or bored, and sleep normally from 10 to around 6:30 am (still in the bassinet). You love baths, a massage before bed (you coo) and to have your face rubbed. You are starting to follow the boys with your head as they run through the room (which is hard because they are quick). You grab for objects/faces and enjoy cuddling. The boys LOVE you and call you Alyssa, Grace (andrew), Baby Ga-Ga (Kyle), Missy, Lyssy and love. You are a joy to our life and your smiles melt our hearts. Daddy loves laying on the couch with you, Mommy loves our play time when everone is sleeping at night, Andrew likes to cuddle with you/read/sing, and Kyle likes you to talk and go into his pretend house. We love you little lady! You are so pretty.



13.8 lbs

Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream

As I shared with most of you today Disney on Ice is this week....Dates: March 22-25, 2012 at the Scottrade Center. Tickets start at $13!
Go to and you can also use the special code.... 1MOM2 if you purchase tickets online at for only $11.00

Join us it will be fun! Keep handing out the fliers and invite your friends!