Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last couple weeks in review

Andrews Doctor appointment:
Weighs 11 lbs 9 oz. (wow, he is growing fast). Tears from immunizations...daddy calmed him. Prescribed Mylanta and Gas X.

Kristy's 6 week MD appointment:
I am good to go! I am only up 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, yet the poundage looks more on my body. God has placed those 10 lbs in various places--it's crazy.

Daddy's Day off: Every Thursday.
Beautiful day! Andrew's first picnic, walk at Creve Coure Lake and a rest in the shade. Neighbors over for dinner and then Ryan and I for our first outting with out Andrew. We went for a 1/2 hour bike ride on our tandom bike while the sun was setting. It was romantic and fun. Andrew was a doll and didn't cry onece. Everyone keeps asking...yes, Biking was easier on my incision than walking.

To Wildwood Days
Sat. was a cool fall day. Went to the fair and Andrew was held by the Home Depot dude. Now it is time to put out the fall decorations.

Get to know Andrew party which was held by the church games, good food, lots of ladies and a wonderful gift...a bike trailer. Thanks everyone! It will soon be pulled by our Tandom bike and we will be the "Peterson Train."

Nana and Papa came to visit
Andrew was so happy that they came to visit. He loved being held by Nana and Papa and was so sad when they had to leave.

Who would have known that he would have more hair than his daddy. Hee, Hee. Before his hair cut he looked like a little man with a comb over and now he looks more like our baby. We saved the evidence for his baby book.

Babka (Grandma Zeman) turned 60 years old!
Happy Birthday! We are going to Wisconsin in a week to help her celebrate. We can't wait!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Announcing the birth of Andrew...

We are announcing the birth of our son...did you know? LOL! Andrew is 6 weeks old and finally we are pulling things together. (Thanks to Jamie who designed the announcements...they look great).

I am slowly recovering from my c-section...not there yet. I still take things slow, don't stand up straight, and take Tylenol for the pain once in a while because of the tugging that I feel inside. We have only gone on a couple stroller rides (walks) because I only make it a 1/2 mile and then the rest of the day I need to rest. As Ryan keeps telling me, this is temporary and the more I rest the sooner I will feel better. I pray for patience every day. And on the other hand, I look at my handsome son and I know he is worth every pain. We love him so much.

First Football Game

Too loud at the Edward Jones Dome for Andrew. We tried cotton in his ears and then made a wise parenting choice that we didn't want to take a chance to hurt his little ear drums...Ryan and I took turns watching the game while the other hung out with Andrew in the lobby. We will have to wait until he gets older. We still had fun and went to Ted Drewes for ice cream!

Friday, September 07, 2007

My first "real" bath!

Andrew's belly button finally fell off (5 weeks after birth)--he wanted to stay connected to me for as long as possible. So, no more sponge baths and into the mini bath he went. He only cried a little; probably because he was so slick and it was hard for us to hold him. He is so handsome in his dog towel!