Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Ryan, Kristy and Andrew!

You made it to our Christmas letter!

We give thanks for our Savior, Jesus Christ - born as a baby, but living as our King today. And as a family, we wish you a Merry Christmas, filled with joy and celebrations for Jesus.

Just keep scrolling down and share in our joy this past year.

All about Baby Andrew

God brought Andrew into the world on July 28, 2007 and was baptized August 12th by his daddy. He had an infection so was in the hospital for 10 days, but is fine now. At 5 months old, his giggles make us giggle; his curiosity makes us curious to what he is thinking; his smiles tell us that he loves us. We are told that he is an "easy baby," and for that we are thankful and he is lucky because he gets to go everywhere with us. We love to dress him up for the holidays (as you can tell by the pictures)...He enjoys bath time with Rubber Duckie, visiting family in Wisconsin (hugs and kisses), jumping in his Johnny Jumper and sucking on everything he can grab. We love him more each and every day and couldn't be more amazed by his learning and growing. Like eveyone says, life is different once you have a baby, and we are so glad!

All about Ryan

Ryan's school days are over (for now at least). Ryan graduated from Concordia Seminary in the spring and was called to St. John Lutheran in Ellisville, MO as an Associate Pastor. He is one of the teaching pastors, and also leads the Spiritual Life Team, which includes oversight of the various worship venues and spiritual formation process at St. John. Ryan loves preaching regularly and leading Outpost Maplewood, our worship venue that meets at Schlafly Bottleworks on Tuesday nights (Kristy and Andrew join him). He also enjoys leading Iron Men Ministries, designed to help move men in their faith journeys to become better dads, husbands, and leaders.

Ryan continues to "spin" at the YMCA about 3x a week, and Kristy has now decided to join him! In the summer, the road bike gets more wear and tear than the spinning bike, but in these cold months, the spinner works great. It has been an exciting 2007 for Ryan - Call Day, Graduation, Ordination, Daddyhood - all the things he has been anticipating for quite some time. God is good.
Installation at St. John Lutheran Church

All about Kristy

Kristy has now transitioned from a "normal lady" to a "pastor's wife," and from a full time hospice nurse to a full time MOM! Her pregnancy went very smoothly, yet she had a slow recovery from the unexpected c-section. She is able to stay at home with Andrew and pick up a few hours a week with hospice. The first half of 2007 was spent preparing for Baby Peterson: preparing the nursery, going to baby classes, doctor appointments, many showers (thanks everyone!) reading and dreaming about babies, and then writing thank you cards. The second half of 2007 is all about spending time with baby Andrew, which she loves. Kristy also spends time scrapbooking (real scrapbooking and online photography), going to stroller-fitness, having "play dates" with other babies/moms, MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers), goes to Outpost Maplewood and being the social coordinator/maid/cook for the family.

Ryan could not be more thankful for a loving wife and a wonderful mom for their baby boy Andrew.

The Peterson Family

Although life sounds busy, we spend tons of time together. We enjoy going to sporting events, camping, out to eat, visiting family in Wisconsin and spinning class (we do 3x a week at the YMCA). Ryan has "made" Kristy a spinner and to encourage Kristy to keep up with Ryan on his road bike he bought her a tandem bike (and Andrew goes in the bike trailer)! Andrew is such a good baby and we have been able to take him with us everywhere we go. He is going to be well traveled.

2007 was full of many blessings and transitions for the Peterson Family.

Highlights from the year:
January: Began to anticipate everything in 2007!

February: Valentine's Getaway Weekend at Trout Lodge with Brian and Erin West

March: New landscaping in our front yard

April: Re-did the kitchen; Ryan received a call to St. John

May: Ryan graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and completed the nursery

June: Ryan was ordained at Grace, Menomonee Falls, WI, and installed as Associate Pastor at St. John, Ellisville, MO; Vacation to Door County, WI

July: Andrew was born; Kristy stopped working full-time; National Youth Gathering (which Ryan helped to plan but watched from the Special Care Unit at St. John's Mercy Hospital)

August: Andrew baptized by his daddy. Godparents: Auntie Amy and Uncle Chris; Ryan's sister Erica got married to Michael. Kristy's sister Tricia and her husband Mike had a baby girl: Amber Elizabeth Schmeling.

September: Grandma (Babka) Zeman turned 60 (Cottage for a 5 days); Andrew's first airplane ride

October: Andrew dressed up as a cow!

November: Kristy and Andrew's first train ride to Wisconsin; painted the "kid's playroom" (downstairs)

December: Papa Peterson's 50th Surprise Party; Andrew's 1st Christmas. Andrew played Jesus in the St. John Christmas production. Ryan's Brother Brad and his wife Sandi had a baby girl: Samantha Lynn

To see more PICTURES - on the right hand side there are the months of the year. You can see where our life journey has brought us. Continue to check this website often if you wish to stay updated on pictures and events.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A whole lot of business

Just like many of you, I wanted to be done with Christmas shopping, have all my cards out and chill out the last week. Well, let's just say that didn't happen, but I am ok with that. We painted our play room downstairs with polka dots (way cute), St. Nick came to visit, I was struck with a mommy infection (very emotional for me because I thought "they" were going to make me stop breast feeding), we traveled to Wisconsin for Dad P's 50th Surprise party and we met our new niece Samantha Lynn...She is beautiful and Sandi and Brad are doing well. Give Praise.

We have also been filling our time with Outpost, Advent services, watching Andrew grow and Advent by Candlelight (You will see the picture of the girls and then the Iron Men served us...it was very nice). I am reminded often of the advent season and continue to ask God to keep me focused on the little Baby in the manger. Oh, by the way, Andrew is going to play baby JESUS at the 8:30 service this weekend if you were planning on coming to the production. Love and blessings to you all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Andrew is 4 months old!

Weight: 16 lbs 10 ounces....85%
Length: 25 3/4 inch ....85%
Head circimfrence: 42 cm...50%

Andrew, you are beginning to... sit on your own (but fall forwards often), stand, play with one toy for a long period of time and "tell" us by crying that you are bored with that object. You reach for pictures in the books we read (turn pages) and just lately you turn towards noises and will turn your head when someone walks into the room.

You have Mastered...picking objects up that are in front of you (a spoon, a small stuffed animal) and swing/swat/grab hanging objects. You have also mastered giggling, especially when playing peek-a-boo and when legs are pushed into your tummy while Mom or Dad make funny noices. You give open mouth kisses to anyone when you are hungry.

You sleep from 9:00ish pm to 5:00 am (8 hours) and then take 3 naps during the day. You are pretty flexible and your times of your naps vary depending on what time you wake up or are woken up. Morning nap occurs one and a half hours after you get up, then an afternoon and evening nap. You can fall asleep anywhere.

You Love to...blow bubbles, stand (lock your knees) or be placed belly down on our arms when you get fussy, sit in your exersaucer, suck on your hand (still), sit in your little tub and play with the rubber duckie.

You do not like...your pacifier as much as you used to (you spit it out often),

The activities that you have been doing this month...took your first Amtrak Train ride (to Wisconsin), met your Great-Great Grandma (Oma Garbish...Grandma Schlicht's Mom), went to Amber's Baptism, went swimming, "preached for the first time (Daddy brought you up in front of church for the Thanksgiving service) and had his first Thanksgiving (you went to church in the morning where Daddy preached, then to he Hannemans and Wards for lunch and dinner and then at 8 pm Nana and Papa arrived and stayed the weekend).

We think...that you are such a good baby and can't believe that you are not an "infant" any more. You are learning so much, and it is exciting, yet in a way Mommy wants you to say a little baby. You are so handsome and adorable that we love to kiss you often (especially daddy).

What we call you...When you were first born..."little man" (now your hair has lightened up and you look more like a baby). Now Daddy calls you handsome, Baby Andrew and sweetheart. Mommy calls you Baby, Baby Cakes, Pumpkin, Stinky, Stinker