Sunday, August 31, 2008

13 months and growing

Lots of growth this past month for Andrew.We did our first "art project" and he helped me cook for the first time. Here are just a few of Andrew's new stunts....

*Says duck and dog when asked to repeat
*Points to his nose when asked
*Points like we do when showing him something
*Shares food by putting food into our mouths
*Can stack 3 large blocks, but tears down more than builds still
*Puts blocks back into the container, not just out
*Knows how to turn on the music on his stereo (and how to turn it off)
*When asked will pick up an object and bring it to us
*When his shoe falls off, he picks it up and brings it to us so we can put it back on
*Gives open mouth kisses to us and friends voluntarily. Hugs and kisses upon request
*When hears an airplane or I say airplane he points up and looks for it in the sky
*He sits and "reads" a book by himself out loud
*Puts his sippy cup in the correct whole on his tray (when asked). Otherwise he throws it on the ground.
*Uses a spoon (pretty messy)
*Kisses this buddy Eddie and other stuff animals before bed (so CUTE)
*Swings arms and claps hands, or bends knees or brings arms up and down to dance anytime he hears music.
*Continues to love to imitate mom and dad...loves the swifter, vaccume cleaner, toy car and telephone that he puts by his ear.
*After eating, when given a wash cloth will wipe his tray.
*Uses a crayon...only faint markings on paper.
*Loves magnets on the fridge and puts the farm animals in the right spot 50% of the time (leap frog animal farm game that is magnetic).
*Plays along side other kids mostly...not too interactive yet. Doesn't understand sharing or possession at this age

*Just starting to be a little shy (at times), having stranger anxiety (not terrible yet) and is a mommy's boy especially when he doesn't feel well he is teething right now...just got his 7th tooth) or when hungry.

What a joy he is most of the time. The other 10% he is a handful and starting to make his requests/wants known by fussing, or refusing. He actually throws his head back, lies on the ground and kicks his feet. It sure must be frustrating not to be able to express in words what he wants. We will keep working with you little guy. We love you so much!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Purina Farms

I went to the dog farm with my friend Elianna and Cade. I now know how to say DOG and DUCK! (my frist words after mama and dada).

Here is Ryan in the dunk tank at the St. John open house for school. I tried, and I missed (on purpose..hee,hee.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peterson Family Reunion in Wisconsin

Our family has not been at a family reunion since our engagement. We spent the weekend at Westward Ho (mom and dad p's camp site)in Wisconsin. Their trailer was awesome and we now understand why they enjoy spending so much time there. The weather couldn't have been better and the company was great. It was nice to spend extended time with our family and extended too. About 80 people for the "party." We played crazy fun games, ate like we were royalty and enjoyed volleyball and a campfire. We had so much fun with everyone and we are so glad we went.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Surprise 50th Mom P.

Surprise! She didn't expect it at all and it is hard to pull that off. We flew to WI for the event and we are so glad we did. We wouldn't have missed the celebration. So many of the relatives and friends were there. What a wonderful night. Happy early birthday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Magic house and Swimming fun

Here are my friends Connor and Jack. We had fun! I like the Magic house too!

The DAY of Andrew's first birthday.

We had an awesome day together and it will be a day I never forget. You had the birthday spunk in you on your birthDAY...full of energy (as always), curious, fun loving, playful and just a joy to be around. We celebrated ALL day! (8am to 9pm)

We started off at Daddy's office where 600 balloons and you played. Everyone in the office came to see you and you thought your were hot stuff. You ran down the hall to show off and then into the balloons. We don't play much with balloons so you liked them, but weren't giggling about them.

Mom thought it would be nice to start a tradition of taking you out for breakfast...a special breakfast...just you and mom. So we did. We went to IHOP because I figured you would make a mess and what a better place to go for pancakes. You and I "talked" over breakfast (well, you were crabby so we went home to take a nap first and we had a early lunch). It was a special moment for me and I loved showing you off to all the workers and customers. I hope when you are 16, you will still honor this spacial breakfast together...I know I will.

It was a hot day so we went to the library. You enjoy reading, plus there are toys there too. You haven't learned how to be "quiet" yet, but that's ok. We had no agenda so I went with your lead..we played all day and of course took a nap.

When daddy got home from work we went to Chucky Chesse. I have never had so much fun there. What a joy you were to watch. You were so excited, evident by your big smile and your waving arms. The music was great and you danced in circles and waved and waved. You cried when we took you away. Daddy used some of your tokens for ski ball so he owes you. You loved throwing the balls, the bright lights, climbing on the slide and sitting in the car. It is so fun that you walk (well, you are running) because it allowed you to explore the entire place. You did listen pretty well and held our hand when we asked you to. You like to play a little game with us though, when we motion for you to "come" you get this smirk and spark in your eye and you go the other way. You do stop to look back at us and then you laugh and run straight at us with your arms wide open to hug us. It is too cute.

It is evident that you LOVE pizza and kind of like cake (I made a carrot one this time so it wasn't too sweet). Daddy and I laughed and laughed at your facial expressions and just enjoyed ourselves so much!

Then for ice cream at Silkies (ice cream was a little cold, but you liked it) and to open some gifts. What a mess you were, so a bath and night-night you went. I went to sleep smiling...It was just so fun to be with you! We pray you have many more wonderful years of life! We love you Andrew!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Andrew's Birthday Party in St. Louis

6 little ones (Kaiser, Jack and Nathan couldn't make it) all within 6 months of each other! It was too cute. Andrew had a great birthday party. He continues to need to learn how to share...but hey, he is only one. If Connor was in the car, then he wanted to be in the car, for example. But then they figured it out that Andrew could push him. Andrew likes to poke at the little ones eyes and to give kisses(open mouth!), but now that some of his friends are walking too it is more like chase. There is a joy as a parent to watch your baby boy play with other kids and see them problem solve (as much as a one year old does). By the end of the party he was running up to the adults and hugging them (back and forth like he does with mom and dad). The party was a lot of hard work considering Andrew likes to be at my feet constantly or helping, but evertything was finished and we had a lot of fun. Anything for a baby boy!

The kids enjoyed the toys outside and then we ate outside along with all of the flies. Andrew was a little more interested in the gifts than last least he sat in your special chair for some time. Again, he played with the cake more than he ate it. (Last cake was chocolate, this was banana which didn't help). But this time he even shared it with me.

August 12th was his baptismal birthday. We celebrated by going out for dinner, saying a special prayer/blessing and lighting his candle. We praise God for this year of life!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Andrew's Birthday Party in WISCONSIN

I am posting late, but I wanted to share the cute pictures of Andrew at his Birthday party in Wisconsin. He was a little off schedule that day (Ryan and I were gone the entire week before on vacation and he stayed with with family...thank you everyone...but just "off" a little). I think he was a little over whelmed with all the attention and people too. Plus he was fighting a nap...which he ended up taking a 1 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the party. While we was awake Andrew enjoyed running around with the kids and "doing" his own thing. He wasn't very interested in opening the gifts, but he was near by. He liked eating a cookie, but was hesitant with the cake. He liked the texture of the cake and made a mess, but I don't think any cake was consumed. Thanks to Nana and Papa for hosting the party; Grandpa Z. and Aunt Jenni for being your photographers; all the aunts for making food and Lisa/Tricia and Babka for being my party planners and shoppers. You made Andrew's day very special.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Daddy turned 28!

My dad is so cool. It is his birthday today and we had a frech toast breakfast and then we are taking him out to lunch to Chevy's. Then we have Outpost tonight. But what is fun is that I am dressed like him today. Like always he asked mom this morning, 'What should I wear?" and Mom opened up a different closet and there were new outfits for daddy to wear. I hope I can be just like my daddy when I grow up. We love you daddy and hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

We got to take dad out for lunch at Chevy's and he got ice cream that he shared with me. Then we went to outpost at night and ate more food! I love to eat, just like my daddy!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Development of Andrew

For all of you who were asking, here is information about Andrew's 1 year MD appointment....
9 months/ 12 months22 lbs (80%)/ 22 lbs 10 oz (50%)
28 1/2 inches/ (70%) 30 1/2 inches (80%)
45.9 (70%) head circum./ 47 (70%)

Go to whole milk (no more than 24 oz a day, with a minimum of 6 to 8 oz, all table food is ok, attention span 1 minute, transition to one nap a day, when he has a tantrum (arching back) try to redirect. I told her that my OB sent Andrew to a specialist because his circumcision wasn't done well (or enough) and she agrees that we need to wait until 18 months plus to see how the baby fat goes away to determine if he should be circumcised again (our poor little boy).

He was very happy during the visit and ran up to the doctor when she walked in the room to give her a hug.

The Parents as Teachers lady...
Said that Andrew is a very active boy, likes tactile stimulus (hard hugs, kisses, banging head against the wall, kicking feet on the floor when he is upset)--this is not a good or bad thing, it is just different for every child. She was impressed that he could throw a ball over hand and it went forward...most kids this age the ball will go backwards or fall behind him. He does get frustrated if he for example is putting clothes pins in a whole and then he misses....she said this is part of his personality coming out...I guess he is going to be competitive like his mom and dad. He is a "motor" baby, not a talking baby, so she gave suggestions such as sit in a rocking chair while you read to him because he will like the motion. Discussed how he pokes eyes...she said very natural especially when the baby isn't moving. She commented that a 9 month walker is much different than a 12 month walker like some of his friends are going to be...different challenges. Andrew is not talking, more than mom and dad and signing (more, milk etc) but she is not worried at all because he is perfecting his motor skills first.

I have to tell you...So, I don't shower alone. Andrew is standing out side of the curtain, pulling back the curtain to watch me shower. He gets splashed and he thinks it's funny. Plus I know he isn't getting into trouble. Anyways....the bathroom door was open so I asked if he could "shut the door." I repeated myself and pointed at the door and HE DID IT! He shut the door. I was a proud mommy at that moment. He also will "go get the block and bring it to mommy." What a little helper he is.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Ryan's New Position

The timing with vacation was perfect. When we left, Ryan was the Director of Spiritual Life at St. John. When we came back, he began a new position: Director of Next Generation Ministries.
While Ryan will still serve as a teaching pastor, he will now work closely with all aspects of "the next generation." This includes oversight of youth ministry, children's ministry, and the school ministry. He has an amazing team, and has already enjoyed working closely with all of them. One of his top priorities is hiring a High School Youth Director to round out the team.

They've made him feel welcome; the first day, his office was filled with tons of balloons. And then, on Friday morning, we woke up to a yard full of toilet paper and forks. That's right - we had been TP'ed and Forked!

We're really excited about this opportunity. A great foundation has been laid by Michelle and so many others...we're looking forward to continuing to "tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of our Lord!"

Friday, August 01, 2008

Our 5 year Anniversary Trip

We left our little boy back in Wisconsin with the gradparents, anuts and cousins and off we were to Boston, VT, NH and Maine. The time spent together was quality and qauntities. We are still madely in love with eachother like we were 5 years ago.

If you notice on the pictues there isn't blue sky until the last day of our trip. There was a front that hung over us all week. But it didn't stop us from having a fun time together.