Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ryan Graduated from Concordia Seminary

The Graduation Service was outdoors, on the seminary campus in what they call the "quad." It was a beautiful night to celebrate.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Celebration continued all Weekend!

The celebration lasted all weekend considering both sets of our parents stayed with us. (they even "survived" the 6 hour plus drive to and from St. Louis together). We are very appreciative of their love and support. But let me tell you, when they left I took a 2 plus hour nap.

A moment to remember!

4 years of school and now it all comes to an end. We will be spending the next couple of weeks saying good bye to friends who we will surly miss.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Theological Dipolma Service

Ryan is officially certified to become a Pastor!!
The service was on the Seminary Campus and after wards we celebrated with a picnic. On June 3rd he will be ordained as a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One of Ryan's favorite pastimes

Spinning at the YMCA (well, he would rather be on this road bike, but his pregnant wife cannot ride a real bike at this point of pregnancy). The baby sure gets a bumpy ride...well no, now that I think about it the baby sleeps the whole hour we spin. I haven't fallen off the bike yet! Yes, Ryan is in spandex and isn't he cute! (ok, well I think so)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Random Events

We had a 4th year Seminary Class banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the guy's hard work and dedication. We had a buffet dinner, interviewed a couple professors (very funny questions and answers) and then for 30 minutes 2 of the guys performed song parodies (we had a lot of laughs)
Hannah, our God child is moving to California in 3 weeks-we sure will miss her. She tested out some of our baby toys just to make sure they worked.

Go Cardinals!! We spent the afternoon in luxury (Legends Party food and drink) with our friends Joel, Karen, Audrey, and Jennifer. We even got to meet up with Jordan and Mrs. Boessling after the game. Then to Erin and Brian's house for a home made Slovak dinner and enjoyed fellowship time with them and the Cima's (JP, Aimee and Celeste). What a busy weekend!

Jake and Melissa Hower's Wedding in Iowa

We traveled the 6 hours to Iowa, but it was worth the trip. Over all we had a fantastic weekend. The rehearsal dinner was on the Iowa River so we got a good photo of us right before sunset.

Here I am at 26 weeks pregnant. They were all surprised that I was still on the dance floor dancing the night away.

Ryan has known Jake since his freshman year in college and they have remained friends and have also been in Seminary together. The ironic thing is Jake's Dad is the Senior Pastor at St. John where Ryan will be the associate. We got to know Melissa through Outpost Maplewood and she is sweet as can be. Jake and Melissa met at Outpost, and there was no turning back. :)
Overall, we had a great weekend in Iowa celebrating.