Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy's Proudest moment...thus far :)

Andrew was in a race with other 2 year olds...just for fun. Considering he is only 26 months we never thought he would win. Well...he did. Our little boy won his first race. Daddy got to run along side him and as you can tell Daddy was having fun too. Ryan and Daddy often have races while we are taking a walk in the neighborhood so Andrew understood the concept of ready, set, go. Andrew really took off and didn't stop. I was the proud Mama behind the camera. Ryan and I were laughing so hard because it was so cute. Everyone got medals, but he also won $5.00 to Silky's Ice Cream. I have to think that we are going to be in many other competitions in the future. Ryan and I are competitors, but we can't let our competitive side rub off on a 2 year old. We are going to have to be careful and intentional while raising Andrew and Kyle that winning isn't everything.

Oh, by the way, he did NOT win the bike race. Just a FYI.

Anyway, a fun day at the park and a proud one too!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Andrew is 26 months old.

Little Tid Bits about Andrew...
*Adjusting to being a big brother...starting to share with Kyle (ex: putting a toy car by Kyle's hand while he is playing with cars)...melts my heart. Also becoming very excited whenever he sees baby. Even in the morning Andrew has to say HI to baby and give baby Ki-tel a kiss. I have a feeling they are going to be good buds when they get older.

*Sings to songs (starting to hold a little melody, otherwise he just fills in the word).

*Had a dry diaper for 3 naps, and 1 night. He has always done great at going potty in the potty chair (he likes the marmo...aka marshmallow, at the end). With the new little guy and me being sore, I don't know if I took advantage of it because now he is wet again. Hope I didn't miss my window of opportunity.

*Throws 2 year old fits like a champ...but being 2 plus having a new baby in the house must be difficult to deal with. We still love him dearly!

*Has the most adorable laugh...a giggle that is like no other. When we do something that he really likes (like Mommy Monster, or "wressy" with Daddy), he says More, more in his cute voice.

*There is no doubt about it...Andrew is fun to be around, the problem is that he never wants to stop playing. But I guess playing and learning is his job right now, so how can you blame him.

*Andrew isn't a dummy. Yesterday he asked for money to go into the toy car at the mall. In the past he was content in just sitting in the car. I put a stop to that right away...I am hoping to teach my children that they will not ask for money, and that I will give them money if I want to. Wish me luck on that.

It's fun to watch his brain work and problem solve. I am a proud mom when he does simple brainstorming tasks.

*His dog Mac has not been his main highlight since baby Kyle has been born. Andrew is not obsessed with a screwdriver (Mom and Dad gave him a play fix it set when Kyle was born, but now he likes Daddy's) and wanting to fix everything. His famous words are "not working. Need screwdriver or battries." (can't really say the words so it sounds soo cute).

He also loves TRUCKS but gets mad when the men do not fit into the play trucks. His "mo-mo" (lawn mower) is still is favorite...loves to do with Daddy and now he pretends to go to work in his play car and so Mommy gets lots of kisses when he says good bye.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Happy Spitter

Well, we have a spitter. We are not ready for it most of the time considering Andrew rarely, if ever spit up. So, welcome to baby #2 and have your burp cloth ready and avaible at all times. I hope you find the picture funny...Kyle spit up at the exact time as the picture was being taken. Oh, the fun of being a parent.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 of life

HELP!! The house is a mess!! I am still sore so it is hard for me to pick up toys and Andrew isn't the best helper in the world. He is good at times, but at other times he is a typical 2 year old.

Daddy's day off is Thursday and so we went to Pier Marquette via Ferry Boat. Andrew loved it and we road the free ferry 3 times because Kyle was eating. We explored the state park, had a picnic in the car, went to Heartland Hospice to introduce Kyle to my co-workers and spent the rest of the day painting Kyle's room blue. Andrew kept coming into the baby room saying..."looks nice." He is becoming so verbal lately and it is so cute to listen to the sentences he comes up with.

3 weeks in our life is not that significant...but to baby Kyle he has had to adjust to life outside the womb and life as us Peterson's live. It must be hard for babies. Kyle has been doing great. He sleeps from 10:30 to 2:30ish am and then up again around 5 or 6 am. I can tell that he thrives on schedules because he has slept well during the week and for the last 2 weekends he has been up every 2 hours during the night. Is he being held too much during the day by others and Daddy that he is sleeping during the day and then not at night? Or does Daddy just mess us up...just kidding.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My first bad day...

I know that there will be more to come, but I had my first bad one. Maybe my patience was a little low considering I had the 2 worst nights of sleep on night 14 and 15 that I have had since Kyle was born (My Ped MD told me to stop swaddling and the 2 nights that I did, Kyle was up every 1 1/2 hours...guess what...I went back to swaddling...he likes his arms out, so armpit down and then I put this beanbag frog on him...The hospital staff in the special care unit used it for Andrew so it can't be bad...he is back to sleeping 4 1/2 hours and then 4 hours at night...what a champ!).

My bad day (morning actually) was Sunday when Daddy was at church preaching. It was raining so I had no where for Andrew to let out his energy and boy does he have a lot of energy. He was pushing his limits at home and not being gentle with Kyle, so we needed to go somewhere. It took me over an hour to get us all dressed and out the door and we went to the grocery store where Andrew ran up and down the aisles. I didn't even care...he just needed to be a boy and run and ran he did. He wasn't being a good listener, but I didn't have enough energy to discipline him every needless to say he was winning the battle.

Then to K-Mart...Andrew was throwing the ad out of the cart, I would pick it up, put it back in and he would throw it out again...he started whinning and then Kyle started crying because he was hungry even though I had just fed him less than an hour ago. It was one of those moments that from a strangers point of view they would think...gosh, that mom doesn't have it under control. Well God knew I needed help and into the store walked my good friend Sarah Hubmeier and family. "Kristy?" she said..."oh Sarah...I need help." She grinned and graciously took Andrew in her cart as I went to feed Kyle. She was a life savor!

At home Andrew was pouncing on Kyle, I grabed Andrew for Kyle's sake and gave him a little slap on his bottom...Andrew threw his head back and flung himself on the floor, which ended up being my now we are both hurt. I sat on the floor with him holding him, rocking him, Andrew crying and me with tears in my eyes. I prayed for patience and wisdom at that moment to be the Mom that Andrew and Kyle need me to be.

When Ryan came home, I looked at him and cried. I got a hug and told him I was going to go take a shower and that he was in charge of the kids. I just needed some away time for a couple moments. I look back at the situation 2 days later and laugh, but knowing that there are more tough days ahead...but also knowing that the good days totally out weigh the bad and that being a stay at home mom is so awesome and that I wouldn't change it one bit.

It hit me again...

At church on Saturday night it hit me again...I have a baby!!! What a little blessing from God. I cried when Kyle was born, and I have definately taken in every moment of his first 2 weeks of life, but there I was sitting in the back of church holding on to Kyle (Andrew was in childcare)so all my attention was on Kyle. Every thing about Kyle was perfect...his little eyes, nose and mouth. He was just looking at me. I think if he could talk he would have said...Thanks Mom, I love you! That is what his eyes said to me. Gosh, God has given me a big responsibility...the life of a baby and I take on that job seriously.

Kyle's due date was September 18th, and it was Sat. the 19th. I was in amazement when I looked at him and his size and reflected on the fact that he could still be inside of me. And how cool it was that he grew from one cell to this beautiful baby inside of me! Yes, I was teary eyed...praising the Lord for his wonderful works.

Ryan said to me yesterday..."I think Kyle is going to be a Mama's boy." I said, "no, he is just used to me...hearing my heartbeat and my voice for the last 9 months." Plus, I have the goods! We laughed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Empathetic Andrew

We were a little hesitant to take Kyle to church because of germs and such, but decided if I kept him in a sling it would be ok. No one touched him or even requested to hold him...which was good because I didn't have to turn anyone down.

We went to Family LIVE where Daddy was preaching and everyone got to meet Kyle. Andrew was very clingy, which is unusual, but that is ok...I bet it was hard for him considering all eyes were on Kyle...actually people were pretty conscientious about giving Andrew attention too.

During the drama at church there was a baby (pretend) that just cried and cried. Well, Andrew didn't like it at all. He started screaming and then saying...
"Daddy, Daddy." I handed Kyle off to a friend and took my crying 2 year old out. Everyone was laughing (in a good way). They thought it was so cute considering he is a new big brother and in our house crying means "something" is wrong. Then at the end we were back in church and the baby cried again and Andrew cried again. He is my
very sensitive and caring little boy.

Learning Lessons for BIG Brother

We can tell that Andrew loves his little brother...maybe too much at some points. We wouldn't describe Andrew as a layed back and gentle little boy, so this transition to holding and touching Kyle's face is a bit challenging.

We have been practicing many things though. When Andrew is eating I ask him..."does baby eat that?" and Andrew now replies "NO! Baby drink milk." He hasn't attempted to feed Kyle anything since the grape.

These past few mornings he has woken up (5am one am) and insisted in seeing and touching baby. "where my broter?" "my broter." Kyle was sleeping yesterday so we moved his bassinet into the bathroom so Andrew wouldn't wake him and Andrew would not stop crying until he saw baby and said good morning. It was like an on and off switch...Andrew saw Kyle and stopped crying. I pray they always have this brotherly love for each other.

Day 11 of Baby's life and Andrew is getting better at holding baby. He asks, we set him up on the couch and we can only look away for about 15 seconds or something might happen. He is learning and doing a good job at it.

Daddy and Andrew (and Papy..Grandpa Zeman when he was here) have spent some good one on one time together. It is something that baby can't do. Andrew says "Andrew, Daddy Wessy, NO Baby." *wessy is wrestle if you didn't catch on. It's good for them to be able to do special things together that the baby can't do. (recently Andrew and Mommy started to have pillow fights because Mommy can't wrestle quiet yet...but the Mommy monster has made a couple appearances)...I think that Andrew can get copped up in side if he doesn't have an outlet for his energy so these are good things for us to continue to do.

Andrew has tested us as parents these past 11 days. His tantrums where he throws himself on the ground, kicks feet and cries has increased. A couple of times Ryan and I have just looked at each other wondering how to handle this. Ryan preached on wisdom this weekend and my prayer to God is for wisdom as a parents (for Ryan too).

Daddy had to teach Andrew that Kyle does not eat from Daddy's "boobies," so Kyle can't eat off Andrew's "boobies." This came about because Andrew was holding Kyle, he picked up his shirt and said "Kyle eat from Andrew's boobies." It was kind of hard not to laugh..aren't 2 year olds innocent.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the 7th day of life...Thursday September 10th

The MD doesn't want me to go more than 4 hours without breastfeeding Kyle. I have had to set an alarm because either Kyle nor I are ready...we just want to sleep. So,I woke Kyle, fed him, starred at him in amazement, thanked God for him and gave him many kisses. I love how he squeaks so innocently and how soft his head/hair is against my face. He isn't perfect, but he is sure close :). After all that attention, Kyle didn't want to go back to sleep. His eyes were open just looking at me. I talked to him for a while, but was feeling pretty tired so put him back into the bassinet...I felt a little guilty going to sleep while he was awake, but figured at this point my sleep was important and that he wouldn't remember. I hope that doesn't make me a bad mom.

We are making it with 2! Sometimes it is a handfull, but not that bad. Being tired is the worse of it. Kyle doesn't cry a lot. Even when He is hungry...he just wimpers a bit. We are quite lucky so far. Plus, this first week Kyle is sleeping a lot. Maybe up 3 hours a day.

We went for breakfast at the St. Louis Bread Co. (aka: Panera). It was 8:30am before everyone was up, fed, and dressed (not showered, but hey, that was later in the day)...not too bad I don't think. We saw a couple people we knew there so it was fun to "show him off."

Then Daddy took Andrew to the YMCA--Daddy ran and lifted, while Andrew played outside (the Y does activities with the kids from 10-11, so it is good interaction for Andrew and the other kids too). Mommy spent time with Kyle worked on putting pictures on the blog and talked on the phone with her friends Kristy Nave and Jeanine.

Leftovers for lunch. Andrew napped in our bed, and we both napped on the couch--yeah, we fit again. Kyle is sleeping a lot. Having to wake him to eat (they want me to feed every 2 hours during the day, but I think because I am an over producer he gets so much that it is 3 to 4 hours by the time he is hungry. His cute little burps are cute.

The weather has been beautiful so spent some time outside...Kyle went into a travel playset with netting over it to keep out the bugs. Us 3 put together the sit and stand stroller that A.Amy and Erica are giving for his baptism. We love it and Andrew really like the idea of it too.

Kyle's first bath at home was today after dinner. Andrew went into Mom and dad's bath, wile Kyle went on top of the infant bath thing. He didn't like it very much. We tried to make the room warm and such and I think he just wasn't in the mood to get all wet. He will learn to like them. When we told Andrew that someday Kyle will be able to take a bath with him someday...he cheered.

Andrew held Kyle on his lap about 3 times today. He says "baby brother" and "baby Kytel. He is learning how to be more gentle and accepting the fact that baby comes everywhere. Andrew and I spent more special moments together today--intentionally. Mommy monster got him, read books, etc. I think this helped.

Someone made dinner for us from church--Ryan prepared it all and served me...I could get use to this.

Our friends Miriam and Nathan came over to meet Kyle and hang out. Ryan and I accidentally called Kyle, Nathan (our 2nd favorite name) by accident. We all laughed.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh what a Wednesday...

Our first walk to the park! It was slow, but I went too. Andrew enjoyed the fresh air and Kyle, I don't think he even noticed. It has been beautiful the low 80's...just perfect. Fresh air was good for all of us. Andrew is sweet as usual and picked me dandilion flowers.

Daddy went to work from 11 to 4 today, so I was left home with my 2 boys for the first time. All was quiet until Andrew fell off the kitchen chair head first so he screamed, and then Kyle did too (while taking care of Andrew, Kyle didn't have a diaper on so peed and pooped all over his blanket). Had to laugh! Otherwise it was no sweat...Kyle is sleeping a lot at this point still and only cried when he needs something. He loves his pacifier and often gets a thumb too (we might have a thumb sucker!) out.

Breastfeeding is going well...I think I am almost through the engorgement state. They want me to feed him every 2 hours but I think he would burst. Yet, he did cluster feed tonight at 5,6, and 7'o clock. He is like a little squiral. He is so soft and I love rubbing my lips on his soft head. He just curls up into a ball on my chest (as I am typing he is on my chest and I absolutely love these moments).

Kyle took his first trip to Home Depot tonight and he didn't buy a thing. What good self control!

Good night to you all.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesdays adventures...

How nice it was to have Ryan home from work so I could sleep in. Today was our first day all alone and it was so heartwarming looking at my 3 boys in one place.

Andrew took a lot more notice of baby today. We can hardly make out "kyle" when he says it, so more often he would say..."my brother."

Andrew went to Emma's House for 2 hours so Daddy and I could have a little time together and with Kyle. We have a great neighbor who is so giving like that.

Andrew decided to feed his brother a grape today and we were quite lucky that I saw him do it so we were able to respond quickly. I think the grape fell out of his mouth, but the mere fact that Andrew wanted to share his grapes is cute and all, but it made us realize that we must not leave Andrew and Kyle in the room alone at this point of Andrew's learning process. My sister gave us a really good book that tells the older brother that babies don't eat ice cream or pizza...well we added "grapes too." and we smerk at eachother because of Andrew's inocents.

TO THE HOSPITAL...everything is ok.
Home health was suppose to come check Kyle's billirubin level and never did so we had to go to the hospital Tuesday evening to get it checked. He has been wearing the billy light, which was ok, but kind of annoying because he always had to be plugged in. He looked like a glow worm. He is free now...levels went from 12.7 to 13, but the MD just didn't want his numbers to go sky high.

Overall, we spent the day at home trying to organize, and enjoying the little things in life. Ecspecially the life of a new baby!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Events

Labor Day for all of you happened 3 days after our "labor day..." Ha, Ha!

It was our first full day at home. Babka and Grandpa helped us around the house (a lot) and helped us get the house in order. Ant Amy and Marissa were here too so they were able to play with Andrew and help organize clothes. All family left around noon, we had visitors and then enjoyed the evening as a family. It is so good just to be a and my 3 boys! I don't know if Ryan produces girls or not, but I am so content at the moment.

Kyle and I sat in a chair on the drive way watching Andrew and Daddy play a creative game of baseball. I said "This is awesome (with a smile)....I think this is what our labor days will look like in the future (playing baseball with the family)."

And the next second Ryan decides to show his man hood and swings at the ball and the ball hits me in the eye, HARD! Only inches away from Kyle's head...oh was Daddy lucky.


We were singing the song "I see the moon..." and at the end the words are "shine on the one I love." Andrew always says..shine on the one I "ANDREW." This time he said...shine on the one I "BABY." It melted our hearts. He loves his little baby brother.
Every time Kyle cried (which was not a lot...he slept a lot of the day away and then had his eyes opened in the middle of the night) Andrew would say "baby crying. Needs Pacie" (pacifier)...He would stop what ever he was doing and run and put a pacifier in his mouth. He then would put one in his own mouth...Andrew never uses a pacifier, but I guess it is the cool thing to do now.

Andrew wants Kyle to be included in everything. Here he is sharing his hammer with Kyle. What a great big brother.


Wow, the recovery from a c-section vs the recovery from a vaginal birth is incredible. Sure I am tired, my feet swelled today (which didn't happen during pregnancy), I am engorged (milk came in early) and my bottom is sore, but I can stand, sit, walk, etc and that is amazing. I still am in awe of the birth of was so beautiful and I am so thankful!


He has been amazing. He has really filled in for me and has that new spark in his face when it comes to being a daddy. He said..."I think I am going to work even faster at work now, just so I can be home with my boys and you." Those things make my heart smile. :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

First Night at HOME!

Going Home Pictures

Going Home Day-Sunday Sept. 6th

Due to our lack of sleep on Thursday night, Kyle went to the hospital nursery at night and they brought him to the room to breastfeed...what service...I guess that is why we pay them the big bucks. I felt a little guilty keeping him in the nursery, but I knew sleep was needed for us to be the best parents we could be when we got home.

Side note: Klye is lying on my lap on the boppy as I type this. He is so cute!!! Don't tell Andrew, but he might be cuter than him...but then again things were so foggy when Andrew was born because I was so focused on myself d/t the c-section.

According to the lactation consultant, Kyle won the blue ribbon for being the "best gulper" on the floor and I won the "biggest producer." This is a good problem to have considering my over production caused 3 bouts of mastitis last time. It may sound ridiculous to those who have never breastfed, but breastfeeding is so rewarding and I love it. There is no better way to bond with your child (I know some will disagree, it's just my opinion). God has created our bodies so uniquly and I guess I feel privledged to provide this nuriousment to him.


Ryan, Kyle and I enjoyed a quiet morning..."breakfast in bed," holding Kyle and just being a family. We were anxious to see Andrew to make us complete. All family that was in town then came. It was a little crazy and loud, but it didn't seem to bother Kyle one bit. OB and PEDS MD visited. Andrew went swimming with the Zeman cousins and only took a 45 min. nap so was a little crabby at time of discharge. He shaped up and off we went in our 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. We were a family!!! I can't believe I have the second row of the mini-van full!! It was raining when we left MO Baptist Hospital, and the sun was peaking out when we got home.

It was so good to be home. A little overwhelming because we had left in such a hurry, but the house was actually pretty clean. Had lots to unpack and then we watched (with Babka and Grandpa too) the video of Kyle's birth. Again, it was AWESOME!! Ryan and I had the privledge of seeing it in a mirror when it happened (which many of us think is disgusting...but truly it was so beautiful and exciting...but I guess that is the nurse in me too who really likes that kind of stuff). Kyle slept so well in the bassinet next to us in our room...I had to wake him to feed him...after 5 hours. Ryan and I just stared at him in his little bed, thanking God for him.

Dr. Bayer (pediatric MD) wanted it to be below 12 and it was 12.7 so we were taught and sent home with a "billy blanket." Nothing to be scared about, just need to keep it on him 24/7 unless breasfeeding. It is a little bit of a pain because he has to be "plugged into the wall," but not a huge deal. He looks like a cute glow worm.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Day 2 of Baby's Life...What's the baby's name???

Saturday September 5, 2009--spent in MO Baptist Hospital

The pressure was on since the moment we awoke the name this cute and adorable boy. We came into the hospital with a for sure girl name (which we are not sharing until we actually name a little girl that...but I am not sure if Ryan makes little girls...I guess we will wait and see). But the boy name was very difficult for us. We had been adding and subtacting names for 6 months and now we had to decide. We had 4 names that we liked and went around and around and kept coming up with 2 we both liked and then finally nailed it down....Kyle Ray it would be. We were relieved to have finally picked a name yet by accident have been calling him by the wrong name once in a while thoughout the day.

The rest of the day started off quiet with breakfast in bed with Ryan and Kyle and then we were off and running…Ped MD, OB MD, hearing test, Hep. B shot, Hospital pictures, etc. The good thing was was that everything with Kyle and Mom were ok.
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Babka and Grandpa had Andrew for the night and slept at our house. They said Andrew was so well behaved and fun loving. What a blessing to have grandparents (Peterson side too) love their grandchildren soo much. They brought big brother Andrew to the hospital in the morning… We intentionally put Kyle in the nursery when Andrew arrived and sat Andrew down and discussed do’s and don’ts with baby. Andrew was still really excited to see baby, was wasn’t poking him in the eyes…well…as much. There was still so much going on and so many out of town visitors for Andrew for Andrew to take a lot of interest in baby, but he did start saying “my baby.”

To our surprise…Uncle Chris, Aunt Jenni, Noah, Annika, Auntie Lisa and Riana had arrived in St. Louis on Friday night and stayed the night at our house. They arrived mid-morning and made a little racket…with that many kids and adults in one room it was a party. What a nice surprise.

Nana and Papa left WI really early to get to the hospital. We were so excited that they could come. They had planned to travel to MN for a bike ride, but when they heard baby had arrived they decided to come to meet the little guy…and we were so glad they did! Kyle is their 7th grandchild and that gave them something to celebrate! Andrew was excited to see them too and spent the rest of the evening being spoiled by them. They took Ryan and Andrew out for dinner (while Mommy tried to rest), to our house for sleeping (Andrew told Papa where to turn to get to our house…”that way.”) and then to church Sunday morning and to the hospital for the last time. I think both Nana/Papa and Andrew enjoyed the one and one time they had together. (Oh, and Mac too).

Friend visitors:
Liz, Doug and Taylor came to visit after her MD appointment (due soon).
Alison, Brian, Jack and Faith: I was going to miss girls night that evening so Alison painted my toe nails and gave me a hand massage…how sweet.
Jen, JC and Connor came too that evening after a long day of travel, so it was nice to share our story with them.

Let’s just say….we slept well that night once all the visitors were gone. We are so thankful for the love and support of all of you!

Yes, sore, but recovery so far has been far better than the c-section. I think on day 2 of Andrew’s birth I was still in bed, starving because they wouldn’t feed me, had the epidural in, hadn’t showered yet (considering I couldn’t walk), etc. So sure, I probably over did myself a little…because I could. But the one motrin and one percecet really did me well. Oh, and I love the ice packs too.
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