Sunday, November 28, 2010

Which would you rather have???

A clean house that is quiet and empty?  or A cluttered house where the people you love live?

I choose the later.

I spent Sat. and Sunday organizing the house.  I am not completely done, but I got a lot done without Andrew and Ryan around (they went to WI to our nephew's baptism...Landon). So, the house was clean when the boys came home tonight.  Well it isn't anymore.....YET, I go to bed tonight not caring that the house isn't as tidy, because I would rather have a messy house filled with laughter, little kids and joy than a clean, perfect house with just me in it.  I am thankful for their safe return and the fact that we were able to spend some time together tonight.

Side note: I spent intentional time with Kyle and he is a smart little boy (I guess this gets over looked considering Andrew is older and learning so much).  He dances so cute on the fireplace, plays peek a boo with his hands, points to his eyes/nose/mouth, runs towards me with open arms, picks up the phone or the remote from around the house and hands it to me, etc. Anyways, it was good mommy/son bonding. Andrew came in the door and cried because he missed Kyle and he wanted to play....Kyle ended up waking up and Andrew was the most gentle, loving, considerate and genuine brother I have ever seen him be. Praise the Lord for moments like that!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wrote this e-mail to a friend, but thought it would be a good memory of what we did on Thanksgiving..... We were going to go to WI but decided that a quiet Thanksgiving here would be more fun. (Ryan didn't want to preach and get in the car and drive all Thanksgiving day). Ryan preached, then I made the turkey will ALL the fixings and we enjoyed a day at home with us 4....eatting, playing games, napping, eatting again, having a fire in the fire place. It was nice to be home and not have to travel, but missed being with family.

On Friday we got up at 3 am and went black Friday shopping (yes, the boys too) was fun and a little tradition for us. Then napped, worked out and put up Christmas decorations. We had friends over (Hubmeiers) to finish the turkey and then us 4 had a sleepover in the livingroom...this is a tradition that the night that we put the tree up we all have a sleepover. Good memories!
Ryan and Andrew then went to WI on Sat. (7 hour drive) and came back on Sunday....crazy drivers. Ryan was the God Father for our new nephew, Landon. Kyle and I hung out, I cleaned/organized and had some special mommy-son time.

Good Night moments

Sometimes after a long day, when I question my mothering skills, and the kids are pushing to see how far I will go, all I need to get back to my Happy Life is their cuddles and kisses at night.

Kyle recently started to "sing" when I sing to him at night. His cute little voice/hum that comes from him is so inocent and pure. Sometimes I feel as though I ignore Kyle because Andrew needs more attention, so I have been intentionally spending more face to face time with Kyle and we are both loving it. At bed time he has created a new little routine...Diaper change with fun little games, lotion massage, and PJ's. Then he turns off the light switch, and on goes the turtle that shines stars and moons on the walls. Then Kyle points at all the animals (decals on the wall) and I say "good night Monkey," "good night elephant" (elephant is his fist animal sound and action). Then we sing while I hold him and sway back and forth and he puts his little head on my shoulder. I just love those moments. The other night I kissed him 20 times just because I could and someday he won't want all those kisses. He holds on pretty tight. Sometimes during that all, Daddy and Andrew come in the room and we pray together (Now I lay me down to sleep) and then I put Kyle in the crib, on a small doggie pillow and put on the glow worm that plays music. I have been rubbing his head and back untili he falls asleep (which takes between 5 and 15 minutes and my back starts to hurt), but lately I leave the room, he cries for 3 minutes and he is asleep. The bed time routine isn't the point, it is the bonding of a little boy and a mommy that fills my heart with love for my little buddy Kyle.

Meanwhile Daddy and Andrew are putting on PJ's, going to the bathroom, brushing teeth and reading, reading and reading. (I am so glad Andrew likes to read). Once I am done with Kyle Andrew is normally waiting for me to cuddle and read books in his room. Although he can get crabby before bed, once his head is on the pillow he is my sweet little Andrew again. He lets me rub his hair and he gives really good good-night kisses. Sometimes he is so talkative, and he will talk for 15 minutes...more if I don't put a stop to it. But the nights that I don't rush bedtime I really enjoy hearing what he has to say. He is totally funny and has this growing imagination. He sometimes puts up his army men before bed to protect him, but I keep telling him Jesus will protect him and he says well the army guys can help Jesus.

My favorite part with Andrew is when I leave the room I make two kissing noices with my mouth (just like my mom used to do) and he does it back. We exchange our I love You's and my mind erases all the back talking and disobeying that occured that day (well, maybe not all of it).

My buddies are sleeping...I have a grin on my face...God is good!