Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random things in September

*Ran a 5K race (Ryan pushed Andrew in the stoller and still beat me).

*Put in a new mailbox

*Played in my pool

*Replaced a kitchen light

*Celebrated St. John receiving the blue ribbon award (Ryan is the exectutive director of next generations...which mean he is "over" the principal, so lots of celebrating.

*Stained our deck

*We take lots of bike rides with Andrew pulled in the Burley. Andrew and I on a ride 2-3x a week to Walgreens or to the grocery store. We love it.

*Andrew had a 101.7 temp for 2 days

*Celebrated from afar...Babka Zeman's 61st Birthday and Nana Peterson's 50th Birthday! Yippy! We love them both. Here is a picture of him talking to them on the phone.

*Andrew's new lounging position as he waits for dinner to be served.

*I had Andrew help me mix the food while I was cooking and now if I am in the kitchen, he wants to help. It is so cute, yet it is hard when I don't want to make a mess and don't have time. But, I appreciate his efforts!

*He loves to draw (and eat the crayons)...

*Ahh...quiet time reading. I can still hear the silence. He likes to read!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Andrew turned 14 months

It make me sad to say 14 months considering I just got used to saying 12 months. Yet we rejoice in every month and every milestone. Andrew is a joy. We love this age and have found much laughter during this last month. His facial expressions and actions just makes us laugh out loud. He gives us about 20 kisses a day (he opens his mouth and humms when he wants to kiss you and normally he goes from person to person and we have to call it quits)...oh, I am saving up because I know someday he won't want to kiss me (Well, at least that is what others tell me....I think he is going to love his mommy forever). Yeah, he is a Mommy's boy, even though he loves his Daddy very much too.

Words: Mama, Dada, Dooog, Duck

Signs: Hungry, Milk, More

Teeth: 4 Bottom, 4 Top and for the last month getting his 2 first year molars. He teethes on a toothbrush (and a pen...don't tell). He just doesn't like the "made to teeth on" teething things.

Sleep: Because of his teeth/pain he awoke at 3 am all month (and then it became a pattern that we are soon to stop. When I get him he just wants to be held and he points "out of his bedroom." He likes to go to the kitchen for a snack and water. (we have broke this habit already, 2 weeks into the next month). He also love to be bounced...especially in the middle of the night. Bed around 9 (used to be 8:30), up at 6 am.

Naps: Skips morning nap 30% of the time, but then takes an earlier (11:30am) long (2-3 hour afternoon nap). If he is in the car in the am, he will take a cat nap but then his afternoon doesn't start until 3 pm and by that time I am exhausted. 2 hour afternoon nap.

Potty Training: Well, not exactly...He is so obvious and timely when he poops that I put him on his potty when I see signs. 50% of the time he will sit there and "push" (grunt because that is how I taught him...it is hilarious because if I ask him to push a button for example he will grunt too). Anyways, I am proud to announce he has pooped 2 or 3 times in the potty.

Really worked on: Not throwing sippy cup. If he does he gets taken out of highchair for a "time-out" (about 15 seconds so far). Then he has to pick up his sippy cup and put it back onto the table (any surface we call a table). He knows. When he is playing about 75% of the time he will place his cup on the table where he is playing...lots of praise we give him and he claps to....AND THEN that little stinker will test us and go over and knock it off the table to see how we will respond. He is sure testing us.

Mommy's little helper: What ever I am doing he wants to do (I think his wife will thank me someday). He wipes off his highchair tray, pushes the blender "on", turns on and off light switches (10x in a row), vacuums (assists), sweeps the kitchen floor, mixes food in a bowl (when ever I am cooking he is at my feet whining until I let him help), can transfer clothes into the wash machine/dryer/laundry basket, put his shoes by the front door, puts silver wear onto the table (still working on a little on the last 2). He is darling and it is so nice to have a little helper, yet difficult at times when I just want to get "things done." And then I remember they are only "thing" and I welcome the little fingers.

Daddy's home: Andrew runs up to Daddy when he comes in the door. He has the biggest smile (both of them). He pats Daddy and snuggles in on his shoulder. Daddy melts every time.

Most difficult moments: He loves our cell phone and we don't let him play with it. And considering we are on it often and as much as we try to hide it and put it up high he gets it. He cries and cries when we take it away. For some reason our cell phone is much cooler than his play one.

Outbursts: He has a outburst that lasts 2 seconds when he is mad or wants something. If anyone has any advice, let me know.

Morning routine: Wakes up screaming, Milk in sippy cup as he gets in bed with us because it is too early, breakfast (normally oatmeal with flaxseed), change diaper (wow he still hates it), clean breakfast, read stories, "learning time" (counting, building blocks together...what ever it is he has my full attention during this time), chore (he helps me in what ever I have to do), play time.

Favorite toys: Play car, Play house that sings, Sit and spin (pushes the music and then dances...Babka taught him how to "march," well now when he dances he lifts one leg up and down, has his arms moving and even goes is circles). This is just the most adorable thing. We dance together too, with him in my arms...i cherish that moment and think of his wedding day and await the mother-son dance...tears come to my eyes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Pictures of us at the NASCAR Race

Dog Sitting

We dog sat for 24 hours and it was so much fun. Andrew didn't even want to sleep because he was so excited to have a doooog (as he says) in the house. Once he learned how to "walk" the dog, he carried the leash around the house. Andrew still needs to learn to be a little softer when petting (it was more like a pat). I had to continue to tell him not to kiss the dog. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Visiting a good old friend

We took a road trip to Kansas city this past weekend. Daddy had to stay home to officiate a wedding, but his assistant, Gail and then Donna from work came along with us on the ride (Our talking lulled Andrew to sleep-he slept 2 1/2 hours out of the 4 hours drive).

It was awesome to visit with Kristy. It was like old times. We talked and talked and talked. We also took a walk, went for dinner, had ice cream and then we stayed with her in the hotel. She was traveling for work (she works for NASCAR) and then we were able to see the race....well, Andrew and I went. Just us and 200,000 of our closest friends. It was huge!! We walked around all the vendors and car things and then Kristy was able to give us a preview of the track. It was really cool, but very loud. I watched the cars warm up and that was about all. Too loud for Andrew. Overall, we had a great weekend and it was so great to connect with a best bud from high school.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Andrew loves to PLAY

This little boy hates keeping hats on. Here he is throwing it off. I think we are in trouble when winter comes.
We went to a Push/Pull/Carry event hosted by the Parents as Teachers. We saw our buddy Reemie. He was the baby that was in the Special Care Unit for 10 days with us when Andrew was born. Heather (his mom) and I were able to catch up and praise the Lord for our healthy boys.
He loves his car. It is is FAVORITE! Look at that look! He has a mischievous look to him sometimes. And then one of excitement.

He can spend a lot of time playing with a hose, a turtle and a little water. Don't you wish we could be so easily entertained at times?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thing that GO!

We spent the afternoon sitting in and honking the horns of "Things that GO." He loved it. One of Andrew's favorite toys at home is his little CAR! He will choose it above any other toy in the garage. If I say "honk or beep the horn" he will. It makes him smile. Just think in 15 years he will be driving....oh my...he is still my little boy and even then I think he will still be little to me.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Travels to Wisconsin

Andrew and I flew to WI for many reasons 1. Attend Scotts funeral 2. Celebrate my sister Lisa's Baby Shower 3. Celebrate our niece, Amber's 1st Birthday 4. See our wonderful families. We were there for a week and as you can see it was an emotional week with the funeral. It was a busy week with the parties. It was a fun week to see everyone.

Andrew has found comfort and love in his grandparents too which makes me feel so good considering we live far away, you never know how well the little one will respond to them. For example, we were visiting an elderly lady and Andrew started crying and he ran to Babka for comfort and not me. It melted my heart and even Babka said...Did you see him run to me. He loves them and for this I am thankful.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lisa's Baby Shower

I am so glad that I was able to be there to celebrate my sisters baby shower. She is the last of us 4 girls to have a baby (and we are hoping the first to deliver vaginally). She is so cute pregnant. They have decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby which has been suspensful. I just pray God's blessings on her as baby Hoeck continues to grow. They are due December 15th.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visiting my cousins in Wisconsin

Andrew really has connected with his cousins. We looked at their pictures often before we got there and then they just clicked. It is so fun to see him interacting with them. Annika and Andrew run up and give eachother hugs...it melts your heart. He also spent a lot of time with his GIRL cousins who played with dolls and now too Andrew likes dolls...some day a girl is going to really appreciate his senitive side. We are really blessed to have great cousins on both sides of the family.

Amber's Birthday Party was so much fun. My sister Jenni made her a cute Tiger cake. She is one year old now and so cute!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Random things from our visit in Wisconsin.

My little boy!
Andrew loves to read.
We visited our friend Mary Korenek (she was my Grandma Gebhardts good friend when they were young). My grandma died when I was in forth grade, so knowing Mary brings back good memories of Grandma.
Andrew's first coloring.
Andrew is makes it so obvious when he poops so we are starting to train him early. It is so cute...when I say push, he grunts. It makes us laugh.
Amber and Aunt Tricia and us went to story time. It was fun to be with them.
Andrew loves to push buttons. The elevator ones are his favorite.
We went to see the airplanes come and go. Andrew was amazed. When I say airplane or if he hears one he points to the sky.