Sunday, February 19, 2006

No More Red Scrubs!

Yes, it is true, I received a promotion at work and now I get to wear "normal clothes" with a white lab tacket (I look like a Doctor, but I am only a RN). My new title in Education and Performance Imporvement Cordinator. Pretty fancy hey! My main responsibilies at this time is to be a mentor to the new nurses. In the future I will be gathering data, determining what the educational needs of our Hospice are and then educating (via one on one, presentation, seminars, hand outs, hands on, etc). I have completed one week and I agree with everyone who said that management is hard. I am definately learning from my mistakes which will ultimately help me.

For all of my wonderful family and friends, thank you for listening to me gripe about being on-call. With this new position, I will be the "manager on-call" so will not be making the 2am visits to East St. Louis or St. Louis "City" (unless there are a handful of our pt's that pass all at once). Ryan is also very thankful, because now he will be able to sleep throughout the night.