Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 more months and our Buddy turns TWO!

No, he is not two yet...he is still only one and yes, we still call him Baby Andrew.

21 months...a littl man!

Favorite words of the month: "Bubble," "more," mine, "me," "Rock" (a stone and also he loves to rock in the rocking chair).

Started throwing tantrums...arching back, hitting head, laying on the ground crying...terrible two's early?

Morning routine...cries or says mama between 6 am and 7am. Ryan goes to get him from his crib. Change of diaper because he most likely peed through the last on. The he drinks his milk (or water) while rubbing my face and 50% of the time will fall back to sleep with me and cuddle. When he awakes again, he will share a pillow with me (face to face) and then go cheek to cheek with me. If I am tired and he gets frustrated, he can hit me, or jump on me to show that he is frustrated that I won't wake up. But once awake, he is alert and ready to go...saying loudly..."daaaddy! Daaaddy! Daaaddy? While he shrugs his shoulder because he forgot that Daddy went to work. Then we read 2 or 3 books in bed (mostly because I don't want to get up). Then up, breakfast, etc.

Night time routine..."Rock." He loves to rock in the rocking chair on one of our laps while drinking from his sippy cup. We then brush his teeth (he even has a little stool he stands on) and then us 3 say our prayers "Now I lay me..." Kisses for both of us. We read him a book or two, leave the light on and say "I will check on you in a couple minute." Bed time around 9:00 or 9:15.

Bath time : It occurs at other times than before bed, considering we never made it as part of our routine and Andrew's baths don't relax him, they wrile him up. Because in his bathroom there is a walk in shower and not a bathtub, we put him in the shower with a small bath tub inside and run the shower softly. He loves it and plays for 20-30 minutes with all his bath toys.

Getting in the car: He squirms everytime we try to get him in his car seat. Now I say..."Andrew do you want to drive?" and he says "Yeah." and then I say, "when you are older." and he calms down.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A moment to remember

Andrew was cuddling with me in bed the other morning and it was a moment I will cherish. He loves to cuddle close and often in the morning he will even put his cheek on top of mine so we are as close as we can be, or even put his arm around my neck. I told Ryan he needs to take lessons..ha, ha.

So the other morning, I was lying on my side with me head on the pillow...I open my eyes and Andrew is lying on his side, with his head on the pillow looking at me. He grinned and came over and gave me a kiss on the lips and then put his head back on the pillow and then repeated the whole thing 3 times. It was so cute of him (He is in the imitating stage, so maybe he saw Daddy do that or something), all I know is that it was so cute and gentle. I hope someday Andrew will treat his wife with such love. I love you too baby Andrew (yes, we still call him BABY Andrew).

Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith...The United Tour

The concert was awesome, even though I cried pretty much the whole first half because Chapman told many stories about Maria (his 5 year old daugher who died not even a year ago). Steeven and his family had a choice to turn from God or to God and they choice the latter. He shared his faith journey and how EVERYTHING is GOD's. What a great wittnes to all of us who hold on so tighly to all of our stuff (life, money, family, time, etc).

Steeven also sang our wedding song "I Will Be Here." This pregnant woman still had tears coming from my eyes, as I hugged Ryans arm.

We went to our good friends Jen and JC...what a great date night!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Celebration at Babka and Grandpa Zeman's

The whole family was together which hadn't happened in the last 9 months. Us ladies (and Ryan because he surprised us) spent the day together getting the cousins picture taken, going out for lunch, going to the park and hanging out outside because it was so nice out). When the guys came we had a nice dinner and then off to the Easter Egg and Basket hunt. We spent the rest of the evening playing with the toys they got and hanging out. Oh, we also took a family picture that you can see below. It was so fun having everyone there and just being together. All my sisters and kids slept over in Mom and Dad's living room and had breakfast together and did another egg hunt because we forgot the real eggs the night before. Thanks for a nice Easter everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun visits with the Peterson Family

It was so nice to see and visit with Nana, Papa, Great-Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Brad, Aunt Sandi and Samantha. (and of course the Seban family but they were just down in St. Louis visiting). We enjoyed a game of golf (cards, not the real thing), enjoyed dinner and to the park. Then...

RYAN SURPISED US ALL!!! Ryan showed up on Thursday afternoon in the malls parking lot....SURPRISE! He has Thursdays off and so decided to drive up and stay until Sat. I was clueless as I talke to him 2 times that morning and he didn't even hint around to it. He was able to spend Easter with the Zeman side (The first time in 9 months that the whole family was there), breakfast on Friday with his brother Brad, Lunch with his Mom (surprised her for Mother's Day), and then a fish fry with the whole Peterson family (we missed you Erica and Michael). Oh, and I forgot...inbetween all of that we bought a mini van!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where's the egg??

Andrew loved the Easter Egg hunts this year. He wanted to hold onto his train basket all by himself and didn't want our help when it came to picking up eggs. He is wanting to be so independent lately.

Babbler State Park Egg Hunt--we arrived 3 mintues late and all the eggs where gone. Good thing he is only one otherwise there would have been tears. Someone gave us 4 eggs so we threw them on the grass over and over and he loved it. His other favorite thing was the very tall green man that he kept chasing.

St. Paul DePere Hunt--This is where our cousins uncle is pastor. Andrew did a good job picking up the eggs, but liked the candy that was inside the best. He also would not leave the big tub full of pastic eggs alone.

St. John Hunt--Daddy preached Saturday night service (Andrew did a great job in the pew. I didn't even need to take him out once. He didn't scream Daddy during the service or while Daddy was preaching which was a huge improvement). After service we went to a puppet show, did an Easter Egg Hunt, jumped on inflateables, and got his face painted like a bunny. Andrew of course found the one hole on the field full of mud and had to step in it, but otherwise was excited to pick up eggs. They had to be the perfect eggs considering he passed up tons before choosing what egg to put in his basket.

At Home--This was his favorite! He loved dying the eggs and getting all dirty. He wouldn't let us help him with the dye and he was amazed with the different colors. Anutie Erica hid the eggs aroung the house so Mom and Dad got to have some fun too! Andrew insisted in carring the "real" eggs and of course one broke. Which is fine if Mom had hard boiled them long enough, but she didn't so the half boiled egg went all over the place. Had to laugh. Andrew really took interest in organizing and piling up the eggs. He didn't want us to touch them. Then he sat for 25 minutes and played with the eggs, baskets, hay, books etc. He loved it!

The Easter Bunny even brought us baskets. Daddy got a golf shirt, Mommy got gardening gloved and a hand-me-down lap top, Andrew received 2 new books, and "to come" books for his favorite leap frog song book. Nana even got him a basket full of fun things--a cool sippy cup, crayans, coloring book and candy. Thanks Nana and Papa.

At the Sebans-We joined Uncle Matts brother (Tim and Wendy) and parents for Easter Dinner. No not ham, but steak! We were spoiled. Grandma Sebans Easter Egg Hunt had money in it! Andrew put $6.50 into bank account. He liked that!

More Cousins and Aunts and Uncles came to visit!

For the long weekend, Aunt Amy (Ryan's sister) and family (Uncle Matt, Derrick-13, Marissa-9, and Bryan-4) and Aunt Erica (Ryan's other sister) and husband Uncle Mike and baby-to-be in July all came to help us celebrate Easter. It was a full house, but what fun we had!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is someone that Andrew had to warm up too. The first Easter Bunny we saw was at Purina Farms and he would not even go close unless he was with me. He did give a high five, but was tentitive. He then sat on the opposite side of the bench at just looked at him. Hey, he is one, what did I expect.

When we were at Babler State Parks Easter Celebration Andrew didn't think twice at taking a picture with the Eater Bunny. In fact, Andrew kept standing by the bunny when it was time to say goodbye and cried when we took him away.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Update on Fx Foot

I went to the orthopedic last week because my foot was still hurting. He wanted a MRI, but my OB said no. His words to me were..."I guess I can't do anything until after I had the baby." What that is in 5 months! He said to use my brace as needed until it stops hurting and then take it off. So really the ball is in my court.

I was hanging out with my friend Alison this weekend who used to be a athletic trainer. She looked at my foot and leg and said "honey, you need to take that brace off. It is doing more harm than good." By the way I have NO calf muscle and my bone in front is sticking out.

So I have had my brace off for 2 days now and it doesn't feel so bad. It hurts once in a while like when I put my shoe on, but I can handle that. My calf muscle is extremely sore, but go figure. Anyways, continue to pray for healing. The bigger my belly gets the harder it will be for my foot to heal.

Monday, April 06, 2009

156 beautiful Beats

We heard the babies heart beat today! Although I am 16 weeks, it was our first time. The sound was music to our ears. Next visit will be our ultrasound and NO we are not going to find out the sex of the baby. It will be a surprise to all of us.

I am feeling well, just like my first pregnancy. Honestly I have had so much focus on my foot I forget that this pregnancy is going so fast. Keep the prayers coming!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Where did Andrew go?

I was at a church meeting and Ryan was with Andrew, but Andrew escaped through Ryan's office door. "Andrew!? Where are you? Andrew. Has anyone seen Andrew?" By this time all 20 of us on the church 3rd floor were looking for him.

Now as parents, we stayed pretty calm...I said a little prayer and off I was on a search for our little buddy. This was the first time he was ever "lost" (sure at home he hides in the closet or behind the door, but no where in public). The good thing was we were at church, so no "scary people." But for a little dude electrical cords are fun, water is fun etc. I know we were more scared than he was. Why he was having fun...HE PUSHED THE ELEVATOR BUTTON, GOT ON, PUSHED ANOTHER BUTTON THAT TOOK HIM TO THE BOTTOM FLOOR OF THE MISITRY CENTER WHICH IS THE STORAGE AREA! Yikes!

Ryan and I took opposite elevators while others searched for him on 3rd floor. And when the elevator door opened on the bottom floor there was one of the janitors holding Andrew who was happy as could be. Oh, little Andrew...oh so smart! But oh so little. We lecutured him about straying off, but I don't think he quite understood, I mean he is only 1. We gave him lots of hugs that day.