Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh what a camping trip!

We had so much fun CAMPING with our good friends JC, Jen and Connor. The weather was beautiful, the camp site was nice and we didn't get any ticks (For those of you who didn't hear, after our last camping trip Ryan got a tick that inflammed his foot and he had to go on 2 different antibiotics). We went BOATING tons and the boys did pretty well considering the amount of "stuff" they had to wear (life perserver, hat, sunglasses). Andrew didn't like to swim in the lake as much as Connor did, but he survived. We tubbed, jet skiied, swam, played games, etc.

Our only difficulty was Friday night when Andrew had difficulties sleeping considering he was cutting his top tooth. The little man was arching his back and kicking and screaming. Yes, we were in a tent and we did have neighbors...oh boy! We felt so sorry for him. Finally we calmed him down and then he got to sleep between us...he is so spoiled. We were a little exhausted after that night!

More Camping fun!

Here are some more fun pictures from camping. We both just love our boys so much and think that they are going to be great campers in the future. We already started to teach them how to build a campfire :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thanks for visiting Auntie Lisa

Auntie Lisa braved the mega-bus and came to visit for 4 days. It was just like old times. We got to have a lot of sister time which I miss having with her. She is the sister that is 3 years older than me and so we grew up best buds...and that hasn't changed. It was so neat to see how Andrew connected with her by day 2 and coming up to her and giving her hugs. Here are some cute photos of us.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy 1st Daddy's Day!

We relaxed around the house most of the afternoon trying to recover from the triathlon. I was going to make a nice dinner, but feeling exhausted we decided to go out. We went for Tai food and the resturant was not busy. The waitress had time to play with Andrew and Ryan and I had some time to eat and talk along. Then we went to the pet store just so Andrew could look at the animals (which he loved). Then home for some yummy cake. The nice thing was that it didn't matter how much we ate because we probably burned over 2000 calories that morning.

Andrew is so blessed to have a Daddy as special as his. Ryan has really took to father hood and loves to wrestle, tickle him, throw him in the air, take him on bike ride, walks and adventures. Andrew loves his Daddy so much! I enjoy watching "my boys" interact with each other so's hours of entertainment and it make my heart smile.

Andrew's Grandpa and Papa are also very important in his life. It is so awesome to have 2 Grandfathers who love and adore him. Andrew misses them and sends kisses and hugs.

We survived the TRIATHLON

6:30 am and here Ryan is preparing for the race...

The before picture.
We have been talking about doing a triathlon for a couple months now and we now can say that WE DID IT!!! Neither of us are hurt and neither of us got sick which is a huge blessing. We are both walking, yet as I walk up the stairs and my body hurts!

Out of 457 competitors Ryan came in 181 and I came in 372 (I obviously wasn't out to win, just to survive)!

SWIM (500 meters in the pool)

I can say that I did beat Ryan in the swim (I did it in about 13 minutes and he was a couple minutes slower). We both attempted the crawl but ended up doing the side stroke (K) and the backstroke (R) too. Here is me looking like a dork.

BIKE (23 miles in St. Peters)

Ryan kicked butt in the bike. He didn't let anyone pass him and finished in about 106 minutes. WOW! Probably one of the top 20 bikers! Me on the other hand was pretty social...talking to the volunteers, and then I met a girl who was going a little faster than me so I asked if I could ride with her. We talked half the way, while encouraging and pushing each other). I had fun. A little sunny. Ryan and I say each other on the road about 4 times which was fun. I unfortunately had a pebble in me shoe that I tried to get out 3 times and didn't...the blister is just for proof.

RUN (5 miles)
The first time was awful! Both of us thought that our legs would not last all 5 miles because they were so sore from the bike. Ryan had the philosophy of running and then walking for a second after getting water. I did, slow and steady. And wow, I was slow...but I finished!!
Ryan finished a 1/2 hour before me so he was waiting for me with open arms at the finish line. What a great race. It took Ryan 2 hours 8 mintues and me 2 hours 40 minutes. Ryan is already talking about the next race and I am just trying to recover.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Camping at Lake of the Ozarks

Yes, we went camping with a 10 month old that walks...some people call us crazy. We received a phone call from both of our Mom's before we left telling us to be careful and extra protective. Only one oops when he fell of the cement (has a little scratch of his head to prove it). We were constantly on guard and took turns watching Andrew so he would not get hurt. The portable highchair was key to get him to sit and then the pack and play was a big help too (he cried for the first 5 minutes and then he was fine). He really enjoyed the outdoors and weaning went better because he was so busy playing.

Our site was right on the lake so it was beautiful. Lots of time to play in the grass, go hiking, wade in the lake, have picnics and cook good food (well, we are still trying to perfect our cooking over the camp fire...I guess we need to start with making a good fire which we struggled with and then we cheated and go lighter fluid...I think my Dad will be very disappointed. Needless to say we did get the fire going).

TICKS! I had them crawling on me all night, yet they weren't on Ryan so he decided to keep sleeping..what a hubby :) Needless to say I got 4, he got 1 and Andrew had 2 on his but they didn't embed. I have never hated something more in my life and I itch right now thinking of them.

STORMS! We had 2 huge storms (they were at 10 pm each so really didn't stop us from doing anythhing). Heat! and then the loudest thunder we ever heard (plus we were in the tent). The ranger came around for the first storm and had us come to the shelter because they were expecting worse. Andrew was great...he slept through it all. What a true camper!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thanks for visiting Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brad

Lisa and Brad spent Memorial Day weekend with us here in St. Louis. We had lots of fun despite the unpredictable weather. We ate well, took hikes (Castlewood), went to the wineries, took a bike ride, played, and just enjoyed their company. Andrew really enjoyed having them here, but awaits for a new cousin to play with! Thanks for visiting and come back soon!