Thursday, November 17, 2005

Flat Tire!!

So I am driving to my next visit and the day is going smoothly....until, thump, thump. My 60 hours per mile went to zero. I thankfully was able to get off the highway and we have All State. But that didn't help when the spare is flat, now does it? Oh, I was chuckling inside because I really needed to use the "ladies room" and well, there was nothing around...and my cell phone was almost about the die because I was trying to get the heck out of the area (yeah, not so nice of an area). Needless to say, the All State dude filled my tired 3 times and we made it to the nearest tire repair place. Yeah, it was a 6 inch bolt...not a hole that can be patched. My 8 month old tire was done. And lucky me, I now have 2 new tires to tred thru "all" the St. Louis snow.