Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our First Turkey!

Or shall I say MY first turkey! Ha, Ha! Ryan preached on Thanksgiving and he said that WE were making the turkey...well, he did take it out of the roaster. Mom P. did help me, but the turkey wasn't hard at all. I personally think the shopping was the most stressful...I don't think I will go on the $10.00 off $50.00 next year. It was absolutely the craziest shopping trip ever. Andrew and I stood in line for 45 minutes...yikes! And then I spent $140.00 which floored me. Anyways, all the fixings was what was most time consuming in my opinion. To say the least the turkey was delicious and it was an awesome dinner!

Andrew was so cute during our prayer and bible reading. He wouldn't stop whining until Ryan put the Bible in front of him. He ate some of dinner but loved dessert (as you can tell how he is swarming Nana). Then he was bringing the dish to the sink and the fork kept on falling, we were all laughing so hard...he was persistent in walking the plate with the fork on top to the sink. And lastly he played hide and seek in the box! What a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lots of Shoes for Lots of Visitors Thanksgiving Weekend

Amy, Matt, Marissa, Bryan, Nana and Papa all came to visit! The house was full! All slept on mattresses either in the reck room down stairs or in the office up-stairs. We played many of games, talked, ate, did art projects (made Christmas plates), worked out, went shopping (yes we went Black Friday. Left the house at 3:45am) and enjoyed the company.

Events in Novemeber

Andrew really loved the butterflies at the BUTTERFLY HOUSE (for all those who do not know, it is free the first Tuesday of the month from 9 to 11am). After the Butterfly house, I pushed Andrew around the park (I ran) and then played on their awesome play ground. Andrew was beat that afternoon!

Ryan and I helped plan the CONCORDIA ALUMNI get together in St. Louis. We went to the Rams game and then to Shlafley for dinner. It was a really fun event and I was able to catch up with Heahter Batt (now Heather Klemp).

Aunt Amy (Andrew's God Mother) came to visit and to see how St. John does their trivia night. Here is us at Trivia Night. Ryan was the MC (which he says was the most difficult thing he has done in a long time---He pretty much tried to talk over everyone for 4 hours). I don't have a picture of him but he looked so cool in his 60's outfit.

Here is Andrew looking and then standing very proud of this accomplishments! But he kind of missed! Opps! Too cute. Sorry for those who can't handle this kind of picture. He doesn't ask to go to the bathroom, but if we put him on his potty chair he can pee and even poop sometimes! We give a lot of high fives.

He got to go to Chuck Cheese's for doing so well on the potty.

It's cute.Andrew attempts to put on his own shoes and even Daddy's too! If he wants to go bye-bye or outside he will bring us our shoes.

We went downtown by the arch for the "Christmas Tree" Lighting. They had music playing, art prodjects of the kids, musical performances and Santa. Andrew just wanted to run around really. He ended up getting a little crabby so we ended up seeing the tree lighting and the fireworks from the car window...oh well, there is always next year!

I love MY boys! Here is Andrew helping Daddy!

Andrew had his friend over to play while it was still nice outside.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cherished times with my little boy

Andrew and I had an awesome week together. It helped that the weather was beautiful (70 degrees) so we used that to our advantage. One day we went running in Blue Bird Park (I pushed him in the stoller). The leaves were red, yellow, orange, and gold colors. We picked up leaves, watch them fall from the trees like it was snowing, found acorns, sticks and stones. We give thanks for these special times together!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Trick or Treating!

We went trick or treating in our neighborhood which was nice because we were able to meet some families down the block from us. Noah and Annika were pros at trick or treating. This truely is Andrew's FIRST year. He didn't understand at first and it was a little confussing because some houses let you grab the candy and others gave you the candy. Andrew caught on fast and would put his hand in the bowl and grab a handful, but it in this pumpkin bucket and then do it again. We would have to stop him from taking more. Yet, because he was so cute, many times they just let him. He grabbed for the suckers...mostly because they have sticks. And to our surprise he opened a sucker by himself and had hist FIRST PIECE OF CANDY...a grape sucker. I attempted many times to take it away but he was insistent (didn't know if that was too smart considering he threw up earlier that day, but he survived).

We then went to 2 other friends houses where they had fire pits on their driveways and good food. Andrew was asleep by this time so we just carried him from place to place. The whole trick or treating event started around 5 and we didn't get home until 10 PM. What a day! (Oh, the weather was beautiful...70 plus degress during the day!). Andrew can't wait until next year...or is it Daddy who can't wait to eat all the candy? Ha, Ha!