Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Andrew is going to SCHOOL for the FIRST time!!

Andrew woke up from his nap today and said..."I can't believe that I am going to school tomorrow. I just can't stop thinking about it." He is totally excited and when I tell him that I am going to miss him he grins. If I ask him if he is going to miss me, he says "no" and grins. For the last 3 days he has said to Kyle numerous times..."Kyle you have to play with me, or hold my hand baby because I am going to school and you are going to miss me." Gosh, I guess he sounds like me. Too cute.

Andrew and I have had some special moments together in the past couple days. He is being very senstive to my sensitivity. I joke with him that he is my baby and that I am going to cry. He kind of likes the fact that he is going to be missed and that Kyle and I have to stay home while him and Daddy get to go to school and work. For the last handful of months we have a special kiss before bed...left eye butterfly kiss, oggie moggie, right eye butterfly kiss, oggie moggie, and then a kiss. Then when I leave the room I blow him a kiss and he sends one back. Lately we have been putting the kiss on our heart. I explained to him that I can do that at school tomorrow and then if he misses me that he can remember he has a kiss on his heart. (Kind of like the kissing hand book). Honestly though, I don't think that he is going to miss me and that is a good thing. Right? Our job as parents is to prepare them to make their own decisions and to go into the world (tears). He is still my baby though. I am so proud of him. He doesn't need me as much anymore, but he will always need his mama and hopefully always love his mama too.

There is a little part of me who feels guilty sending him to school (3 half days). Aren't I a stay at home mom to stay home. Yet, I really think that Andrew is ready for more and that the time before baby #3 comes will be such precious time for just Kyle and I. Plus Andrew has started to tease Kyle by saing "Daddy is home." and it will only be 10 am. Then Kyle walks around saying "Dada, Dada." Or "Mom says that you can watch Boz the Bear." Kyle will then walk around saying "Boz, Boz!" I know that Andrew loves Kyle and I will see glimpses of it during the day, but he also likes to annoy and be a big brother. Kyle will be sad to not stay with Andrew at school (it already happened when Andrew went to camp), but he will have special Mama time.

In the past 2 weeks I have done SO many activities with Andrew and Kyle. I am worn out, but we had fun. I wanted to do somethings before school started....zoo (on a 100 degree day), butterfly house, botanical gardens, magic house, city night out, swimming, etc. I wanted to do, do, do because I won't have as many mornings to spend with him. We had fun on all of our little adventures. Daddy was able to join us for some of them too, but otherwise there I was, 6 months pregnant lugging around both kids in the hot weather. We also had a little swim party with about 10 of his friends today (the day before), went to Silkies for ice cream and talked about he code of conduct (in simple terms), watched a video of when he was born and of course read him "I see the moon book" and cuddled tonight. Oh what a day! We are excited that Daddy will be able to be there to drop you off and pick him up tomorrow and then going for lunch. What a special day! He is so spoiled that is for sure.

When we met his teacher and entered the room, there was about 10 seconds of shyness and then he was off and running. He made Mrs. Osbourn, Daddy, Mommy, Kyle and himself all wear hats during the meeting. It made us laugh. Andrew picked a bear to be a symbol by his name all year. He drew a picture...well as good as he could (not his stong point).

We had to fill out an information sheet on Andrew and I thought it would fun to look back on someday....

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese (Andrew answered some of these questions)
Games: Anything running, baseball, soccer, Candyland, Puzzles,
Toys: Pretend play...park ranger, bear hunter. balls, playmobile, dions.
Activities: camping, painting, anything that makes a mess. Rough play (FYI), exploring, going on adventures/discoveries. Dress up.

Strengths: Energetic, talkative, Math (?), soical, leader, enthusiastic, bible story knowledge, inquisitive.

Extra help:
Emotionally: Controlling/working through anger/upset. How to cope
Socially: Sharing. Not hitting back. Not always being 1st or winning.
Academically: handwritting. Attention span if he is bored.

Other things to share:
Andrew is all BOY.
He will proably be one of the youngest in schoool. He will have 2 years before kindergarden).
When he gets hurt he might say "milk" or "I want to go home." He says this even if he is home so just distract him.

I don't know why I am so tearful and feel like a bad mom for sending him to school. Maybe it is because Ryan said...for the next 20 years from now on he will be in school. Gosh, I just want my baby home, but I keep reminding myself that I can focus on him in the afternoon and it isn't like I am sending him away to bording school. (teary eyed and grinning at the same time). He is very blessed and one of the best places after being at home is at St. John School. We are so privledged to be able to send him there. I need to pray for peace. I am so excited to see what God has in store for his life. God is good!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Andrew's BirthDAY in Colorado

Andrew turned 4 years old while in Colorado with the entire Peterson relation. Nana made him "bolt" pancakes, and he opened all of the gifts from our family.....all Jr. Ranger gifts....a hat, vest, net, bug sucker, etc. All the cousins went to the back yard and explored/investigated...this was proabably his favorite part of the day. Then to a park with a mountain background. He stubbed his toe and didn't want anyone to touch so it was a rough morning. He finally got over it.

Quiet lunch with Mom and Dad on the deck overlooking the mountains. Then to Keystone Ski area for an icecream treat, play time on a playground and walk by the river/mountain. He feel asleep in the car (3pm) and he was crabby when I attempted to wake him up for his PARTY at 6:30 (someone was exhausted...this was the last day of vacation). After 15 minutes of a break down and crying he finally opened some gifts which put him in a better mood. Then all of his cousins became JR. Rangers (went through the Jr. Ranger training in the Rockies). Ate cake which he cooperated well and then it was time to clean up the house because everyone was leaving in the morning. The kids watched Toy Story and I cuddled with him on the couch for a little while consdiering he was the last one in the house awake (10:30 pm because of his late nap). We gave him lots of kisses all day long and it was fun to be around family to help us celebrate!