Monday, October 29, 2007

Andrew is 3 Months Old!!

Don't you love my chunky thighs!

Can I fit my whole fist into my mouth?

Mommy loves this picture.

Andrew, you are beginning to... Giggle (only 2 times so far), roll over from your tummy to your back (when propped up by a pillow), see yourself in the mirror, lift your head when in a lying position, hold objects in your hand when placed in your hand, **use hands (for 5 minutes pushed a globe in circles and you were concentrating so hard), pull on Mommy's necklace and hair, imitate facial expressions, spit up more than you did the last couple months, straighten your legs and hold a little weight on them and pull your legs to your belly.

You are also starting to play games...while breastfeeding; you look at me, smerk, pull off, give me a big smile, look at me again and attach. Then you do it again.

You have Mastered...smiling when smiled at, cooing, babbling to stuffed animals, holding your head up during tummy time, putting yourself to sleep at night (90% of the time), sleeping from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am (7 hours), following objects with your eyes, burping, having "blow outs/explosions" and getting your cute outfit all dirty.

You Love to...suck on your hand or pacifier(or anything you can get your mouth around),babble to a turtle that is on the wall when you get your diaper changed, watch tv (so now we don't put the tv on when you are in the room or we turn you the other direction), go for walks and look at trees, go on car rides, look around when breastfeeding (this has become difficult at times), read books with Daddy, do sit ups with Mommy (bent leg air plane), grunt, kick and wave hands so much that you sweat, lay naked, take showers (easier than a bath right now),flashlights, and to look from left to right when you are lying on your back.

You do not like...when the car stops at a stop light, dirty diapers and when you get fed late.

When you get fussy, you like to be held "belly down," sung to (You are my Sunshine, Rock a Bye Baby, etc) and have the person in motion.

The activities that you have been doing this month...going to stoller fittness with Mom, "talking to and seeing" relatives on skype, tummy time, looking at mobiles, going to Outpost Maplewood, going to MOPS meetings, sitting in swing, listening to music, lying in your pack and play and looking at the mobile that Mommy made for you (you can keep yourself occupied for 15 minutes or so, then you fall asleep or cry). Also, you took your first air plane ride to Wisconsin (going to a cottage...pontoon boat ride, etc), went to the pumpkin patch, and went camping.

We think...that your diapers smell like buttered popcorn Jelly-bellies (Daddy used to say Beer brats, but now he has changed). You are going to be very expressive (or bipolor...just kidding) with your feelings because you change your facial expressions very easily (from a smile to a frown in seconds). We love you Andrew!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Camping at Grahm Cave State Park

We survived our first camping trip with baby Andrew. It was only 33 degrees at night, so we bundled up and were smart enough to bring a heater for the tent. Andrew enjoyed looking at the tall trees and mostly the flashlight the we shinned to the top of the tent.

It was a full moon, which was scary considering it was "Halloween" weekend. Plus they had a scary story teller that performed on Sat. night under the cave which was fun.

Ryan and I have not been camping alone for a while, so we are a little rusty and need some teaching on camp fire cooking (Ryan wasn't so happy when I dropped the pork chops in the ashes...opps!)

Here we are taking a hike to the cave, sitting near the campfire, and then Andrew being held in his favorite position (belly down).

At last, a soft couch, after sleeping last night in a tent and being carried around in that silly carrier.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Experimenting with Picasa Program

Do you like the effect? Here is the Peterson family 12 weeks, it's been that long ago.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Pumpkin Farm

Who would have known that it would be 80 degrees on the day that we went to the pumpkin farm. Andrew wore his pumpkin outfit for 20 minutes and then he changed into his "1st Boo" onesie. We went with our good friends Jen, JC and their baby boy Connor. Andrew looked around the whole time!

FIRST TIME SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB!!!!!!!!!!!! As parents we felt as though we were sending him off to college. We have a tv monitor that is at our bed side so we can watch him or check on him in the middle of the night--it has been a lot of fun and helpful. He slept 8 hours the first night and 8 1/2 last night. What a champ!

Here are more pictures from Andrew's trip to Wisconsin hanging out with family, meeting Olivia/ who is Ryan's cousin (Aunt Jill and I are in the picture), meeting Great Grandpa and Grandma etc. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My first trip...

Andrew went on his first trip to Wisconsin on an airplane. He didn't cry at all during the flight and everyone loved him. He has been in Wisconsin for 3 day and he met his new cousin Amber who is so cute, went to his cousin Annika's first birthday party, had a "meet Andrew and Amber party", went to Nana's "29th" birthday party, slept in cousin Marissa's room, and spent the day with cousin Bryan and Aunt Amy, and then with grandparents.
He was sad to leave Daddy behind, but Daddy will be joining us in Wisconsin on Thursday as we are celebrating Babka's (Grandma Z's) 60th Birthday at a cottage up north.

2 months old and growing...Smiling when smiled at or played with, cooing, mimicking facial expressions (sticking out tongue), increased head strength during tummy time, follows objects with eyes, turns head towards noise, starting to hold onto a rattle when placed in his hand, kicking feet and punching arms when he gets excited, becoming fussy during the day when getting tired (is more aware of his surroundings), can be put down at night while still awake and put himself to sleep, sleeping approximately 6 hours a night (this is new!), likes to suck on pacifier between breastfeeding, possibly noticing his hands, likes to blow bubbles, full of lots of gas!