Sunday, December 28, 2008

Andrew turned 17 Month

Our little Buddy loves to: Imitate everything we do. He thinks it is hilarious, and we do too until he does something that we don't think is appropriate to be imitating like plugging in the vacuum. He always has to be doing what we are doing...on the phone, computer etc, so little household tasks of sending an e-mail is challenging now. (You even have your own mouse at the computer which works, but the play cell phone is not cutting it).

He is a little bipolar--gentle, sweet, hugs, kisses, waves, grabs your hand and then Switch...pulls, hits, pushes, scratches etc. As parents we are working on disciplining (which is hard to stay consistent ALL day). We have been doing the time-outs for a couple months now (We do the time-out with him, tell him what he did was wrong/naughty and then we expect him to apologize to the person or pick up what he threw). He apologizes nicely with a hug or kiss and picks up the sippy cup but then does it again. He laughs when we spank him--and behind his back we smirk too because he is so darn cute!

Vocabulary has picked up: Hi, Bye, Mama, Daddy, Muck (milk), NO, Nana, Baba (Babka), Papa (Grandpas'), duck,baby, burr (cold out side), "I do" or "Andrew" it is hard to say which one it is. (used to say dog, down, up, but has stored those away for awhile I guess). Still uses baby sign-language for food, more, milk, all done.

Body parts: Able to point to almost every body part when asked to. Even attempts to do the actions to the song Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Loves action songs and just songs at all (if he is ever crabby in the car we have to sing...the radio just doesn't do it, he likes my beautiful voice!).

Very energetic, playful, smiley, goofy, and mischievous. Loves to climb on everything and anything including couches, ladders, kitchen chairs. We hardly have the TV on but when we do he is only starting to be interested...or for about 3 minutes and then on to something new.

Loves babies-points at them, waves, says "baby," and is pretty gentle with them. Little Andrew we have been trying for a little brother or sister for you, we just have to be patient and let it happen when God says so. You will make a great big brother someday hopefully soon.

You are becoming INDEPENDENT! Pushing our hand away so you can do it yourself. I guess that is our goal, to raise you to be an independent person, but I am glad that you still need us, because we really like that you are still little enough to need us. We love you Baby Andrew (Yes, we still call you our baby).

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cute little Riana

We spent the night at baby Riana's house. I like the picture of Andrew saying "Pee-ew" to Riana while she is getting her diaper changed. It was a joy to spend time with my sister...a new mommy and a cute little baby girl. Andrew did pretty well with Riana. The only problem was is that he wanted to kiss her all the time. He knows how to say "baby" and that is all he said all day and night.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Babka and Grandpa Zeman's

We celebrated Christmas with the Zeman side with our traditional Slovak Dinner (My oldest sister and family already celebrated with everyone and were in FL on the 26th when the 2nd Zeman celebration that we were apart of occured). As tradition, Dad and I prepared the dumplings for the sour crout soup which is always a bonding experience for us. Andrews favorite part was singing Christmas Carols and making noice with the tamberines. We were so glad that we were able to celebrate Christmas with family!

All my Santa Sightings

The bottom santa is Santa's is my Grandpa Zeman! He made a very god santa, although, I still don't think I like this guy even though he did give me some fun toys.

WOW! Look at all those lights!

Went to see lights in downtown Milwaukee with Anutie Tricia, Uncle Mike and Amber. We had so much fun!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Nana and Papa Petersons

We drove into town and immediately we started to celebrate with family. Mom P. prepared tons of food and everyone was waiting for us. We ate, opened gifts, ate more, took pictures and played games. What an awesome night to see everyone and catch up on life! Merry Christmas Petersons!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and loved ones! May your heart be focused on Baby Jesus this season. Love the Petersons!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's a GIRL!

Welcome Baby RIANA HOECK!
December 24th 2008
7 lbs, 8 oz, 20 iches of pure cuteness!

Yeah, my sister Lisa and brother-in-law had a baby girl! We were able to meet her when she was only 1 day old on Christmas day. I am not just saying this, she is a very cute baby! Way to go Lisa and Brad! Hee, Hee! It is so amazing to hold a newborn in your arms-a moment we won't forget.

Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well. Lisa had the baby all natural--without meds (she is my hero!), and says she will never do that again. Riana gets to go home on December 26th--a snowy cold day in Wisconsin.

We are so happy to be an aunt, uncle and cousin. Andrew gently rubbed her face and gave her kisses. He loves being a big cousin!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

10 more days until I turn 30!

So, 30 is really hitting me hard. Maybe it is because I have to highlight my hair because I am getting strains of grey or because the next big birthday is 40...yikes....over the hill. I am definately happy with life and I don't "feel" thirty, it's just when I was in highshchool and thought of a 30 year old, I thought old. Life happens I guess and God has blessed me with 30 wonderful years and for that I am thankful!

My parents are so cute...they made me a count down with lottery tickets. All growing up my Dad gave me a lottery ticket for every birthday. Just one most of the years, and sometimes if it was a big birthday I would get "13" or "16." I guess I am gettting too old to get "30" tickets...10 is just great. I didn't win on day 10, but hopefully one of the other days I will be a winner. Thanks Mom and Dad for being so thoughtful!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Santa nice?

This guy is scary looking! Help Mom! Help Dad!

Yep, the candycane least I sat on this guys lap.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow FUN!

Humm.....snow?! What is this?

Ok, I like the snow much better when I am in a sled. Weee, this is fun!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Neighborhood Party at Our House

We have been very fortunate to have great neighbors. Summer is great because we see eachother often, but come winter we all drive in our garages and shut them. So, we decided to have a Christmas Party. It's kind of a random group, but it was awesome how everyone clicked. (I guess non of us want enemies living right next door). I think I know what made it a good was the food. Everyone did their part, but it helps that we have neighbors that are in the catering bussiness.

Here is Andrew-16 months, Nathan-13 months (lives right next door) and Emma-24 months old (just moved in next to Nathan). Andrew and Nathan are already fighting over the older girl...ha, ha.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Advent by Candle Light

It was the perfect setting to remind all of us that our hearts need to remain focued on Jesus this Advent season. I hosted a table, but with help from all my friend we pulled everything together. It was a night of fun, laughter, reflection and fellowship. Praise the Lord for these kind of nights. Meanwhile, as us gals were drinking tea and coffee by candle light, all of our husbands were drinking beer to the light of the tv (yes, football was on). Ryan enjoyed hosting the husbands and kids of all of the ladies that night.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sleighride with Santa

This was right out of a movie. Each family took a lap around the parking lot with Santa in his sleigh. It was the real Santa, not even one of his helpers. Andrew was unreactive to the man in the red suit. He recieved a gift and got a dog balloon from the clown. We enjoyed our sleigh ride with Santa this year and will makesure we go next year because it was so fun.

Our Visit to The Lady of the Snow

We went to dinner at a place "way in" IL that we went to 5 years ago. It is a little greek cafe called Acropolis (in downtown Belleville)and it was as cute as last time. This is going to be a new tradition for us. The snows have so many interactive activities for the kids, which Andrew loved and then we dressed up as angels. (Daddy was too cool to be an angel though...ha, ha). The lights captured Andrew's eyes as he sat with his head out of the passanger window while sitting on my lap. Oh, what a night!