Monday, May 18, 2009

Ryan Completed an Olympic Size Triathlon!

We are so proud of him. It was his goal to finish under 3 hours and he did it in 2 hours 45 minutes. Plus the wind was against the athletes the whole time. Ryan did it was his good friend JC, who also did an awesome job. As wives and sons, we did a lot of cheering and it was so exciting and adventurous.

Double Click to enlarge pictures....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memphis in a Day

We didn't experience all of Memphis, but we did get a taste of it. JC, Jen and Connor joined us (JC also participated in the Triathlon) as we toured. No, we didn't end up going on the Elvis tour...honestly it didn't interest us much, but I am sure it would have been interesting. We went to Mud Island, took a trolly, saw the famous duck walk at the hotel (Andrew was a hoot for he was walking and quacking like a duck), went on the famous St. and for dinner.

Then we drove North (closer to the race area) and stayed in a cabin like place at a State Park. We just wish we had more time to spend at the park because it seemed so nice...but Saturday we spent scoping out the swim, bike and run course for Sundays big event.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hanging with the Ladies

We had a night with no children just to hangout. It was fun just to be out and about with good friends. We went to an organized "ladies out" gathering where their were vendors, food, prizes and time to just relax.

I was the last raffle winner and I won this big hot air balloon. We were laughing so hard, considering all the other winners won $50.00 gift certificates to shoe places, salons, etc. Needless to say I gave my prize to Joceyln for her girls.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

4 Pastor's Kids

Ryan and Dion are the two young pastors at St. John and here are their well-behaved, and very holy children, sitting so nicely at the dinner table. :) Dion and Jocelyn have become good friends of our since they arrived in January. Here are our little angels...

Ellianna, Corban, Andrew and Aria.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Camping with Ryan's Co-workers

We went to a near by campsite and all of Ryan's team members were able to come hang out, have a pot luck and and a camp fire. Andrew was well taken care of by the kids of Ryan's co-workers. He also loved the dog (which he calls "book" which drives me crazy considering he was 14 months when he said "dog" and now he switched it to "book"). We and another family spent the 2 nights...Andrew loved sleeping in the tent (in his pack and play)...slept all night. It was a short, but nice couple of days. But along with all the fun comes tears because of falls, bumps and bruises. Needless to say we survived.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ultrasound of baby Peterson #2

You will just have to wait another 19 weeks to find out because it is going to be a surprise for all of us. We didn't want to know, so they didn't tell us. A boy would be easier, but Ryan said he would have up to 5 kids in order to have a at one point I pray God blesses us with a little girl. (I think if I have 4 boys, I might just want to adopt a girl).

The ultrasound makes things so real. Sure, my tummy is getting bigger, but I have no pregnancy symptoms except now for the kicks and the punches from the little one (Ryan felt the baby kick yesterday so we were pretty excited about that).

Andrew was quite the hand full during the ultrasound (he had his mind set on a walk), so I feel bad for Ryan that it was kind of stressful for him). I on the other hand sat back and enjoyed the view of our little one.

Babies heart beat: 139
Baby was sucking his/her thumb and kicking/moving legs.
Everything looks healthy and for that we give thanks.
Hope you enjoyed the photos. How can people not believe in God after seeing what he has created? It is beyond me.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Circumcised on the 8th day and Re-cercumcised on the 637th


Andrew is a champ! He did awesome and we are so proud of was successfull and he is recovering very well. The Surgron said that there is a difference in penile skin and foreskin and Andrew did have a lot of foreskin that was removed during surgery that was not removed during the original it was good we had this surgery done now.

5:30am to 7:00 Arrived at the surgery center at St. Johns Hospital (he couldn't eat for drink since midnight)...that's why so early. Andrew asked for "muck" but survived without it. Checked in, went to a room, got a cute little gown and then waited. His nurse Jean was so nice and expereienced so that helped us all relax. Took him on a wagon ride and read books. He was so cute. We were so glad that it was elective surgery, not like some of the other kids in the hospital there. Urologist/Surgeon/Dr. Adkins and anesithiologist came to talk with us and answer questions.

Andrew recieved a "cocktail" of tylenol and versaid which made him very sleepy. Then the nurse carried him to surgery. It was like a movie...2 nurses and a MD walking down the hallway with their scrubs on, with us at the crying/tearing up with Ryan holding me. Before he left we said a prayer and then gave him a sandwich kiss and he kept saying "more, more." So more kisses he got!

7:00 to 7:45 am Andrew in surgery (they gave him laughing gas, put in an iv, also an artificial airway, and they put him under). Then snip-snip... Ryan and I prayed and sat in the room awaiting the nurse to get us.

8:00am I got to go into the recovery room...Andrew was crying and being held by a nurse. I just wanted to hold him and kiss him, I was so thankful everything went so smoothly. Once he saw me and we got him some juice he calmed down. Then we got to see Daddy...on the way to the room Andrew was saying Daaady! Daaaady! melted Ryan's heart.

Andrew was a little whinny, but he really adjusted well (No nausea/vomitting, or other side effects that they warned us about).

From 8:30 to 10:00 we cuddled with Andrew in his room. He often pulled on his IV, but not too bad for a little dude like him. We gave him more and more kisses! Got more pain medication and home we went.

11-4 Slept...which is a good thing. He didn't like the hydrocodone/tylenol that I gave him (spit out), so motrin will have to do, and honestly I think that is all he will need. He woke up a little somber, but bounced back to himself within the 1/2 hour. How amazing for a little kid.

What to expect...bloody diapers (yes) and a couple days of possible pain and Andrew acting different. His dressing on his penis already fell off, and the area looks swollen, and red and you can see stiches...MD said the penis will not look healed for about a month and we shouldn't worry. To change diaper often and to apply TAO.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. This is what one of my friends wrote...
"I am praying that everything goes smoothly and that his "family jewels" heal fast!!!" Us too!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Babies, Babies and More Babies

Congrats to My best friend from High School (Kristy) and her husband Dennie. Their new sons name is JACK and he is so handsome. This is their first, so we are excited that they are parents and look forward to their many adventures. We can't wait to meet you sometime soon little dude!

Praise the Lord for our good friends Brian and Allison who just had her second baby! Jack their son just turned one and now he is the big brother to FAITH! She is too cute and we are so thankful that she arrived safely considering Allison had such a rough pregnancy. It was fun to be able to visit them in the hospital on day 2!
(Ashley, Kristy, and Allison)

Our new neighbors 2 doors down also recently had a cute little boy! He is doing really well and we are excited to have another baby on the block. Emma, his older sister, is a handfull of months older for Andrew, and is well behaved and calm which is really good for Andrew. They play very well together!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Prayers this Morning for Andrew's Surgery

Please pray for Andrew Monday May 4th morning...he is having surgery (going under, which is the thing that is making us a little nervous). Unfortunately, he is getting RE-circumcised---because the MD that originally circumcised him didn't snip-snip enough. (He is a partner in my MD's office and we now find out that he has a reputation of not circumcising well...if you are curious who it is and I will tell you and I if we have a boy next time we will not let this MD circumcise him). Lovely thought hey. Ryan is feeling for his little buddy, but honestly he shouldn't feel that uncomfortable after and during he is under so he won't feel a thing. We arrive at the hospital 5:30 am and surgery is at 7am. Thanks for the prayers in advance. We will keep you posted.