Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HE has Risen!

He has risen. He has risen indeed!

The drama at church really talked to me. I know that Easter is all about Christ's resurrection from the dead. I have known that for years. Yet, society can put so much focus on Easter baskets, cute outfits, chocolate candy and the Easter Bunny. I found myself drifting from the true meaning especially now that I have a baby. The drama emphasized that Easter is SO different from any other day of the year and can't even be compared to any other holiday. Sure, we participated in the egg hunt, egg dying and Easter Bunny, but our hearts and minds were filled with the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Alleluia!

Ryan preached at the sunrise service where it was snowing...yes, I said snowing! Andrew and I were there with the other crazy people at the cemetery. I can't believe that he is a pastor (I know it has almost been a year, it just seems like yesterday). We are so proud of His talents.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He's a crawler and a stander!

Yes, our baby boy started to crawl and pulls himself up on furniture. He is resilient and when he falls he gets right back up. Ryan and I continue to look at each other with wide eyes knowing that now that Andrew is on the move that life is going to be different. We also are in disbelief that our baby boy isn't a "baby" so much anymore now that he is on the move. He is such a ham and if he could talk I bet he would say "Look at me. Look how cute I am. Aren't I awesome that I can stand now." He grins his crocked grin and we can't help but love him. Congratulations Andrew!

Friday, March 21, 2008

On higher ground

It's crazy here in St. Louis. Major road and possibly highways are being closed down because of flooding. We took a drive to see it and we can't believe it. Our house is on high ground so we are not worried, but many people have been effected. Then, we talked to my parents who said that they had 12-14 inches of snow in WI. Gosh, it was 70 degrees today.

Give Thanks...for GEORGE AUSTIN, is Kevin and Aldeberan's new baby boy. He was a big baby weighing 9+ lbs. We heard he is a handsome little man. Congratulations also to Hannah who is now a big sister! We can't wait to meet you George.

On this Good Friday, we spent time reflecting on the Crucifixion of Jesus and the power of the cross. We await the celebrating of HIS resurrection. Blessings to all of our pastor friends during this Easter weekend.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aunt Erica and Uncle Mike to visit

What a surprise! They called us Saturday morning and were here the same day. We had to rearrange a couple plans, but that is ok because this was the first time they have visited us since we live in St. Louis. It was so great to see them and Andrew really enjoyed hanging out with them. They picked a beautiful weekend-almost 80degrees on Sunday. We had lunch out on the landing, went up the arch, drove around St. Louis and grilled out. Thanks for coming to visit!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Universal Studios

We loved this place. Ryan and I went alone the first day (my aunt and Uncle babysat Andrew). We really enjoyed our time together...it was like we just started to dating. I told him that I wanted to wear a shirt that said "I have a baby." I don't know why...maybe it is because I am so proud of my 2 boys.

The first day was only in the 40's and then in the 50's. The next day it was in the 60's which was perfect. Good thing we weren't at the beach either one of those days.

The highlights were the Mummy ride, Shrek movie and then Ryan was one of the participants in FEAR FACTOR LIVE (Universal style). He was against 5 other people. The first challenge was to hang 50 ft in the air and hold on for as long as you could with air being blasted at your face. (He was the 2nd last). Then he was paired with the one and only girl. She was suspended 2 stories high and he had to stick his hand in a tank of eals that bite and grab the beanbags and have her catch them. The next challenge was the girl throwing octopus at him while she was swinging and he was connected to a bungy cord. He ended up slipping and two of the octupus' fell out of the bucket. It was awesome and even though he did not win. Andrew and I were cherring really loud. We are proud of you Daddy. He won for being the cutest.

We flew home that night. What an awesome vacation altogether!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Resort and pool enjoyment!

We stayed at the Fountains Resort on I-Drive in Orlando. Gosh, the room was bigger than our condo that we used to live in. It had a full kitchen, 2 baths, two rooms (one with a jacuzzi in it), a deck, etc.

The weather was awesome...in the 80's so we spent 2 whole days at the pool. We packed a picnic lunch and brought down the pack-n-play so when Andrew needed to take a nap he slept in there. Seriously, we were there for 9 hours a day....I loved it. We relaxed, played ping pong (Ryan won the tournament they had), played Royal Rummy (Ryan beat me), swam, read etc. Andrew loved the water; we threw him in the air, he sat in his little boat and kicked his feet, he loved when his legs dragged in the water as we went in circles. My big boy Ryan really took to swimming and I was his instructor. We are now going to inquire a mini triathlon.

Ryan and I used the hot tub, steam room and sauna while he slept...it worked out great. Taking Andrew on the trip was no sweat. He was flexible with his sleeping and naps and really didn't stop us from doing anything we wanted to do. He definitely brought smiles to our faces and everyone else at the resort.

More Florida fun!

It was so great to be able to visit with other friend too. My best friend from high school, Kristy and her husband Dennie joined us for drinks on our hotel deck, then to Downtown Disney and out to dinner. It's always good to hang out with good friends.

We also had the opportunity to visit my Godparents Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol. She made us a delicious fish fry with all the fixings. My cousin Jim and his wife Naomi and her dad joined in on the fun too. It's nothing like a home cooked meal and good time with family in the middle of vacation.

Then my aunt and uncle, by the kindness of their hearts babysat Andrew towards the end of the week while Ryan and I spent the day at Universal by ourselves. We really appreciated that and Andrew thanks you so much for his new Elmo friend. Thank you also for the oranages off your tree, fresh sqeezed orange juice and your hospitality.

Busch Gardens and visiting the Kings

Our vacation continued...To Busch Gardens on a 85 degree day. Andrew will never remember his time at the park, but we will remember how much he smiled. He didn't take a nap until 3 pm because he was so curious about everything. Ryan and I couldn't ride the roller coasters together, but we still had fun (we did Child Swap where one of us ride and then we switch). Andrew did great in the heat and with all the activities considering he is only 6 months old.

We then spent Friday eveing with the Kings whom are our good friends from Seminary. The kiddo's are getting so big and are darling. This was their first time meeting Andrew, so we had lots to talk about. Andrew loved playing with the big kids! Jerimiah is our God son and he really took to Ryan well. Not so much me...there is always next time. Thanks Kings for the nice visit and comfortable bed!

Bathing beauty and hunks!

After a 2 hour delay on the air plane because of sleeting conditions in St. Louis, we made it to Clearwater Beach. We were definitely the most "butt-whited" folks there. Andrew loved eating the sand and after awhile we gave up saying no...no harm done. 85 degrees and sunny..it was awesome! We met up with our friend Nate who joined us for the sunset and an awesome seafood dinner. Then we stayed at his beautiful house that night. Good conversation and it was so good to see him. Thanks Nate!