Tuesday, October 28, 2008

15 Months

Loves to put marker/pen caps on and off. Also lids to containers.
Time out against the wall has started (20 seconds or so).

Know how to do household jobs: open dishwasher, use the hose on the vacuum, get the laundry basket (puts clothes in washer and drier and out of basket when complete).

Songs he does motions to: "If you are Happy and you know it..." and "The wheels on the bus."

Dancing: He continues to love music and turn in circles, stop his foot and wave his arms. He looks like an Irish Dancer. It is a sight to see!

Running: He squats down and waits to hear "On your mark, get set, go...." before he runs.

Cleaning: Washes off tray with a wash cloth and continues to love to vacuum, sweep, dust and do laundry

He's a climber!-If a toy is in the right position he climbs onto the couch. He also loves to walk and fall on our bed--this is a bad habit we started, and we have so much fun pretending to fall too that it is hard to break.

New words: eyes, down, "I did it" (you can hear the fluctuation),
Gets excited about: dogs, fruit smoothies, eating, music (loves to dance),

Kisses: I get about 20 a day. Open mouth with an "ahh" sound effect. Gives kisses to dolls, books and other little kids.

Teeth: 4 upper and 2 molars, 4 bottom and one molar

Sleeping: 8:30 to 6. Cries in the morning. We get milk and he comes in bed with us to cuddle (starting to be a great cuddlier)-loves face to face. He falls asleep by us rubbing his back or crying it out. Just recently we have been putting him in his crib. We would read one book and then keep the lights on for him to read. He reads (looking at pages and mumbling) for about 5 minutes and then goes to sleep.

Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 30 inches

We have really enjoyed this month. He is learning so much and is just a sponge when it comes to learning. He is a copy cat but that is a good thing most of the time. He is such a little boy and we can't get enough of him!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Camping turned condo

Well, we were going to go camping but the forecast was bad. We were fortunate to have a friend from church who gave us a beautiful 3 bed room condo on Table Rock Lake (near Branson). This last minute decision was a good one. We went with Jen, JC and baby Connor (we missed you Allison, Brian and Baby Jack). The weather was cool but beautiful. We had fun adventures to Arkansas to visit a pumpkin farm, which ended up being nothing but a fun drive in the state. We hiked, went to a fish hatchery, ate good food, played games, went to the Landing to walk around, went swimming (Jen took pictures on her camera), played mini golf, ping pong etc. Andrew really enjoyed the out doors and we enjoyed some where different. Andrew and Connor played well with each other for the most part and we are thankful that nothing was broke or ruined at this nice condo. It was a great weekend get away and Ryan felt refreshed and ready for another work week. (I got the stomach flu Sunday night...no fun).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you are married, go see it.
If you want to be married, go see it.
If you are going to be married, go see it.
If you are married and you think you should be, go see it.

FIREPROOF is a movie that is in the theators right now. It will probably not win "best picture," but it speaks about love, committement, God, and you wedding vows. If anyone wants me to watch their kids while they go see it, I will.

Ryan and I had a "date" night. We went on a 13 mile bike ride, out for dinner and to the movie. The movie had insight, power, and more. GO SEE IT!


Should I laugh or cry?

I am laughing...

Oh, the life of a young mom! So, Andrew wakes up from his nap yesterday with a bright red butt and just screaming. So the diaper comes off so he can "air out" for a little. He doesn't want to be put down (I am holding him with his little butt sticking out). I finally give him some Tylenol (his one year molar is almost in...could it be the cause of his red butt?)and meanwhile I am making a meal because Ryan's whole next generation team is coming over for lunch on Tuesday. The counters are full of supplies to make homemade soup, pumpkin bread, chicken salad sandwiches and a dessert. The oven is on, the stove is on and I am holding Andrew who is naked. He decides that that was a good time to pee all over me, him and the floor. I stood there and just grinned...I know that some people out there miss having little kids and for that, this story is for you. Then I open the freezer and everything is dripping. The ice cream, the ice....yep, it is broke. I ask the dear Lord for a little help. Andrew goes to the neighbor for 1/2, I clean out the whole freezer and kitchen, Andrew come back home (oh, he cried the entire time he was at the neighbors), and then the best is that Andrew and I just started to giggle and make each other laugh. The whole day was worth those 10 minutes. It just reminded me that life is too short not to laugh at a situation like this.

So, Ryan had a long day (6 am to 10pm)-the house is clean (except for the 3 loads of laundry that have been cleaned but not folded) he sits on the couch and says "How was your day?" I just grinned.

This morning the refig. broke too...bummer. We are currently living out of 3 of our neighbors refriges and a small cooler. Happy hunting for a new fridge.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trains, Ribs and Guitars!

Daddy was on a retreat so we hung with some friends of ours. We went to Lone Elk Park and then to the train store.

This is us on Saturday night. We went to a pib roast at a guys house that Daddy bikes with. I liked it a lot. I got to eat my first rib and got to play the guitar. I am very good!

Fun today

Here are me and my friends at a little play date.

We went on a hike to pick up leaves and then we colored over them on paper. It was fun. My favorite part is when Mom threw leaves in the air...it looked like snow falling. Then we had a little snack. What a fun morning.

Praying for Babka's Surgery

Here I am praying for Babka that she will have a successful total knee replacement.

Now I am thinking about her and how much I miss her and hope she is ok.

"I am waiting to hear the results...meanwhile I am getting tired."

Yeah! Babka got through surgery ok. Can you tell from my big smile!

Although the recovery is long Babka I know that you can do it. We will continue to pray for you as you recover. I hope your knee is as good as new so we can march and dance together again soon. I love you!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wedding Fun

We were all kid-less for the night. We love our children, but it always nice to have some adult time. Our friend John and Allison got married in the wine country. It was so nice to have all of our good friends there to hang out with.

From Left to Right: Kristy and Ryan, Alison and Brian, Miriam and Nathan, Allison and John, Cat and Justin, Jen and J.C., and Ashely and Chris.

Andrew stayed with the Olivio family for the evening (thank you!!). He didn't cry "all" night, but they said he whimpered like he was longing for his mommy and daddy. He even pulled his diaper bag to the front door and pointed outside like he wanted to leave. It breaks my heart. Although, there was no "Mommy" there that night (Glenda had gone for a girls night, so it was 2 husbands, 2 little boys, 1 girl baby and Andrew). I think it likes a woman to be around because that is what he is used to.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lafayette Homecoming Parade

My good friend Jen Murray is a Math teacher at Lafayette High School so we went to the parade. It was lots of fun, and the boys loved the music. Andrew was even picking up candy that was thrown at us.