Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Farm Fun 2010

Height: 30.71"
Weight: 22 lb 11 oz
HC 46.5 cm

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Syped with Babka

Babka wrote...."Kristy & boys skyped me for 45 minutes this morning and the Andrew called back for another 7 minutes, so Whew! Where do I begin?

Andrew surprised Mommy out of the blue this morning and came out of his bedroom and said, "I made my bed" so proudly! Mommy went in and looked and sure enough, he did a great job and even had the pillows on top! As Babka watched, mommy got Andrew clothes and he dressed himself , from head to toe with the cutest proud grin on his face. We are all so proud of him:)

Andrew showed me his 3 bedtime buddies that he always sleeps with, "Wow, Mac and Worm" (Lion, Doggie and Catepillar). He took me in the kitchen and showed me how the coffee pot has a cord on it and you follow it along the wall and it goes to electricity(Poppy will like this one). Andrew was talking so nicely.

Kyle walked and wobbled so cutely, and gave me a sloppy kiss. He looks sooo much like Kristy when she was little, that I think I am playing with Kristy. How sweet!

Kristy took the skype around the house to show me all her newly framed pictures of the boys -- so pretty--all in black frames. The house was also cutely decorated for halloween -- wow, didn't know she had so many cute decorations. They will probably schedule their Oct 31 arrival to go trick or treating here, cuz it is late afternoon in Wildwood also, but they will find different activities to do on Fri and Sat.

Kristy worked on Mon and Wed afternoon this week. Every week K has Wed morning bible school. On Thursday, they worked around house cutting bushes, hanging newly framed pictures, chinese lunch, etc. and 8 neighbors and their 7 children came over for a neighborhood party. This weekend ARKK are going to a circus Friday tonight, saturday morning family time, saturday afternoon Ryan has wedding and then will leave for Madison where he will sleep overnight at Erica's house that she rents out, but no renters right now. On to the Packer game on Sunday and for supper and overnight at Mom and Dad Peterson.

Next tuesday - thursday they are gong camping (if weather is too cold, they will go to a condo instead)

Sandi is on bedrest and she has slight preeclampsia and baby is due soon.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey presents FUNundrum

Discount ticket Code for all those who want to save a buck or two. The circus was so much fun last year...I am sure it will be same this year!

MOM code is up and running for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey presents FUNundrum. This show is running from Oct. 14-Oct. 17 at Scottrade Center. Please enter MOM when you go to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster and this code will default to Opening Night Prices on Thursday Oct. 14th as well as $11 on Friday at 10:30am and $4 off all other shows. This code will be active until Oct 17th. Includes everything except Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP.