Friday, August 28, 2009

A fast Growing 2 year old

Andrew 25 months old.

In the last months Andrew's vocabulary soared. He repeats everything we say and has started to say sentences...."I write baby Anna note."

He loves nursery rhyms and just rhyms in general...he often says..."honey bunny." (that is what he calls me now because Daddy does), and says "it's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring" (yet, only mom and dad can understand that one).

To our amazement in the car one evening I started to leave out the last word of songs and nursery ryhmes and he new almost all of them. We were laughing so hard because he typically just listens and now if given the change chimes in. Too cute in his little high pitched voice.

He sleeps with Mac, Mac's Mama, Racoon (sometimes he insists in WOW the lion and Elmo but not all the time). Also in his bed goes 4 or 5 trucks, his train and a sippy of "wa-wa" (water). What a hoot, especially in the am when all these items need to be taken out and carried with is definately a project. Goes into bed around 9:10 and plays/reads/talks for about 20 minutes until he falls asleep. Up around 6:30ish. Sleeps well through the night.

Loves trains, and in the last month has requested more "DT" (TV) than normal. I like a 30 minute limit but there have been a couple mornings when Daddy has already gone to work and I am exhausted (hello, 9 months pregnant) when I tell him to go turn on the tv and to wake me when the show is over..which he really does. I feel a little guilty, but I am not super mom.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I feel exhausted today. I even was so desparate that I put Andrew in front of the TV and told him to come wake me up when the show was over (and he did). It has been a long couple weeks of birthday and anniversary celebrations along with travel. I don't remember being this exhausted while being pregnant with Andrew, but then again I wasn't chasing after an active 2 year old. By all means, I am not complaining...I am just stating that today is a hard day because of lack of energy. I know all of you have been there and I know my energy will return soon...righ? Right!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ryan is 29 and Holding

Yes, only little baby. Gosh if we have another boy I will be taking care of 3 baby boys...yikes!

Growing up, my parents alway had a theme for our birhtdays...what ever you were interested in that year. So, this year Ryan's was TRIATHALONS. Well, Since he has turned 29 he has hardly worked out because he injured his knee while water skiing with the boys. No MRI yet, we are just waiting it out for the time being. The orthopedic said it might be a torn Miniscus, but I guess time will tell.

To say the least, Ryan had a good birthday and it awaiting his big 3oth!

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