Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love My Family

I love my family! It sounds so silly to have to say, because don't most people love their families. But today, God has made me more grateful for them. I have made a conscious effort to "take in" and pause during special moments; to look into their eyes when they talk (isn't it amazing how their brain is growing and how they are trying to communicate with us); to spend quality time with each one of my children; to smile at them more and to tell them how much I love them. I have this inner peace today that is overflowing with love for them. Sure, we have some hard moments, but really, are they really that bad? Sure, I cuddled with Kyle tonight when he said "cuddle me mama." Why not?! One day he won't want me to cuddle with him. I looked at every little feature of Alyssa today and pinched her little legs and best of all rubbed noses with her which makes her coo. How could God give and trust us with such a beautiful little one to raise?! And that big boy Andrew...we road the bike together today (his bike is connected to mine)....I listened to his stories and how he is trying to be so big and learn about the world. I hugged him and told him how special he is to me. He kissed me tonight, smirked and went to bed knowing that he is not only loved by Ryan and I, but most of all God. And my biggest boy Ryan...:) We lived life together today and it was good. It was his off day. We didn't go anywhere today, but it was a day together. Sure we worked some, but we also enjoyed dinner on the deck, watching the kids play, talking about what the future brings...just being each others special one in which I love doing life with! I don't know prompted me to write this tonight, but as I write all are sleeping. I am overwhelmed on how blessed we are even though I complain about having too small of a house, not enough time and in need of more sleep. God is good and I continue to be amazed on how He works in our lives.

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